You can't find / get any Taoist Sorcery Talismans from any Popular Public Chinese Temples

An article found online, written by a 'Feng-Shui' Practitioner...

He wrote:
"Are you interested on how to activate your Third Eye then? Head down to your nearest Taoist temple and request for it. Rumours being that they will actually burn the talisman and mix the ash into a bowl of water, while chanting the Yin Yang Eyes Mantra. You would then need to drink the water and rub a small amount of those onto your eyes. After the ritual is completed, your vision of the spiritual realm would be clear and you would then be able to see all kinds of spirits right in front of you. Well… are you still interested then?"

Taoist Sorcery Master wants to say this..


Other than his Feng Shui Skills, perhaps that Feng Shui Guy has never trained in Taoist Magic, or Taoist Sorcery before, and never help out in any Taoist Temples, which is why he thought all kinds of Taoist Talismans can be easily found in any Chinese Temples.

No genuine talismans from Popular Public Chinese Temples...

Popular Public Chinese Temples are those type of temples that You just pay money to buy a bundle of candles, joss sticks and joss papers, or the temple provides 'free' incense sticks for You to pray. They don't provide Tang-Ki Worship (Taoist Spirit Mediums Consultation) and no Taoist Priests / Masters / Sorcerers to do prayer for You. You just go in and pray yourself , then do donation, and get lost.

Popular Public Chinese Temples may provide "FREE" mass-printed-version of just 1 type of  talisman - 'Safety / Protection' Talisman (平安符) that have never gone through consecrating / empowering / activating ritual. You can't find any other variety of Taoist Sorcery Talismans either, be it genuine or fake.

Even though folks are not aware that they are keeping a Fake Talisman, at least they feel peaceful while carrying a fake one.

Getting a Genuine Protection-Talisman From Taoist Spirit Medium...

A Tang-Ki Worship Temple, be it a public one or in a private house, is a temple that provides Spirit Medium Consultation. You may get a genuine 'Protection' Talisman (平安符 - Safety Talisman) for 'FREE'. The 'Protection' Talismans are consecrated / empowered / activated by the Tang-Ki (Taoist Spirit Medium) during spiritual possession.

Usually the talisman is consecrated / empowered / activated with blood oozed out from the tongue of the tang-ki by slicing his tongue with ritual sword, or signing the talismans with vermilion ink... ACTIVATING / EMPOWERING ONE BY ONE... ONE TALISMAN AT A TIME.

Very often, there is only 1 universal talisman being used in the tang-ki temple. During consultation, folks facing different problems in their life, are provided with the same 1 type of talismans (but activated / empowered differently for different purposes) by the deity.

Different talismans for different purposes from a Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer...

The only way You can find many variety (few hundreds to few thousands types) of genuine, powerful Taoist Talismans for different purposes is to consult a Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer.

A Taoist Master normally provide his service in a private temple, or private office.

A Taoist Sorcerer usually doesn't reveal that he is one and blend in with the commoners. Folks only able to seek him out through word of mouth.

Both will charge fees for their services. Some are cheap and some are very expensive.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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