Do You have very extremely powerful ritual to make someone want to have sex with Me?

"Do you have a very extremely powerful ritual for sex? Something that will make the girl want to have and think about having sex with you only?"

Yes, definitely. Rituals / Spells / Talismans to make a person want to have sex and keep thinking of having sex with You are available in certain Taoist Sects , especially Mao-Shan Sect (茅山派) and Yin Shan Sect (阴山派). Rituals / Spells / Talismans to make someone / guys / girls to lust for sex over You, belongs to the Taoist Of The Left Path.

Most Taoists will swear that Real Taoism do only good and have no such "evil practices", which is CORRECT. However, the truth is there are many YIN Rituals and Talismans (阴符咒术) found in Taoist Of The Left Path for the purpose of Love, Lust, Sex, Revenge, Getting Even and Destroy Your Enemies.

Whether it is a "CORRECT" move to make a person to lust for sex over You will depend on who is that person. If it is Your wife or husband that has long lost the interest to have sex with You , then by right, it is considered OK to make him / her want to have SEX with Your whole day and whole night non-stop. But if he /she is Your boyfriend / girlfriend or just a normal friend or someone You don't know but You are targeting to have sex with, then... it is still Your personal choice.

When come to the fierce and extremely powerful ritual /spell and talismans for Love , Lust and Sex Issues, Taoist Masters/ Sorcerers of the Left Path will often invoke Brother Pig Deity (猪歌神) - PIGSY.

 Brother Pig Deity (猪歌神)- PIGSY

The Pig Demon is a legendary character in the book “Journey to the West” but in Taoist Sorcery, We respect him as Brother Pig Deity (猪歌神) - PIGSY.

 Brother Pigsy (猪歌神) In Taoist Sorcery/ Black Magic:

PIGSY is revered as Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神), meaning "Pig Brother God". The unenlightened version of Pigsy God is always invited during Taoist Black Magic Rituals so that magic can be proceed, regardless of whether it is white or black.

The statue of Zhu-Ge-Shen (猪哥神) is widely worshipped by Business Owners and girls of the Vice Trades. Altars for worshiping PIGSY - Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) can be found at the corner of Brothels, Pubs, Bars etc in the Chinese Communities.

The Pigsy God Statue is often worshiped by night club owners , prostitution rings owners and the like in South East Asia.

Statue of Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) is not advisable to be placed at home. Not only the man will be very horny , the female family members , including wife and daughters will turn slutty as well.

Zhu-Ge-Shen (猪哥神) is very often invoked for the task to make to make someone / guys / girls to lust for sex over You and also to fall in love crazily over You, or a better term - SEXUAL PASSIONATE LOVE.

Taoist Talismans that call upon the power of Pigsy God (猪八戒,Zhu Bajie) will be seen written "猪哥神"(Zhu-Ge-Shen) on the talismans.

There are several types of Brother Pigsy Talismans (猪哥符).  Some types are to be kept by the person to improve his /her sexually attractiveness and certain types of Brother Pigsy Talismans (猪哥符) are created to be used in the ritual or to be burnt and put the ash into drink or food and to be consumed by the targeted guy / girl to make him /her lust for Sexual Passionate Love over You.

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