How an Average American Guy end up choosing the Taoist Magical Path

Hi Shifu (Taoist Sorcery Master),

Let me tell You a bit about myself and how I end up choosing the Taoist Magical Path.

I’m an average white american guy. I had a standard upbringing but then, I’ve always been drawn to, and interested in all things spiritual and magical and have always enjoyed learning about different cultures and practices. My favorite part of New York City (NYC) is to walk around in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

I have a little bit of what you would call 'Yin Yang Eyes', nothing serious as in, I will know that something is lurking in a corner, or see for a split second a ghost, or see white or black shapes zip by, and the occasional dream containing a message or warning, or showing something that comes true later.

How I get to know about Taoist Magical Path? 

3 years ago, I was in a bad situation, involving with a false mentor ( spiritual stuff, lots of stuff in NYC via the carribean) and was researching stuff online and stumbled upon your Web Sites. I found it very interesting and kept reading.

Aside from your websites, I really know nothing about Taoist sorcery. Your websites seems to be the only legit source of info in English on the internet.

If I'am able to speak/write Cantonese or Mandarin and could afford it, I would have made my way out east in a split second to try and find a teacher.

Finally, I have decided that whenever I could afford Your talismans (NOT CHEAP),  I will order Your talismans. Yes, indeed, I had ordered two Taoist Talismans from you and now a third one.

The 3 talismans ordered were:
Some Amercians mocks spiritual stuff but still do evil..

Over here, in America, everyone mocks spiritual stuff, but unseenly, many people still do something evil onto others... really. Example: the woman who goes to church every sunday, may be paying someone to try and kill someone, so that she gets all of an inheritance.

In the US, it is best to keep such things to oneself, though I have told a few friends about the talismans I got from you.

Your Websites are full of information on Taoist Magic, not found elsewhere in the West..

I've been intensely reading your blog for a while, which is chock full of some very interesting information on Taoist Magic. So many thanks for putting that info out there.

Fascinating and in depth stuff that those of us in the west in general don't usually see much of, and what we see we know next to nothing about.

The closest I've encountered any Thai amulets is a store in NYC that sells all sorts of items from all over the world (African Masks, Central American Saint and Devil statues, statues of Burmese Nats etc) and they have a whole section of Thai Amulets... but these are being sold as house decorations etc... some seem to give off a 'vibe', some don't, and I imagine those that are real probably don't like being treated as a house decoration by hippies or yuppies.

Aside from that in a shop in NYC Chinatown I've seen a few of what look like Kuman Tongs in oil, but may not be. Other than that not much.

Thanks very much for spending Your time and energy to share with us the knowledge and information on Taoist Magic and Kumantongs, and hope all is well on your side.

- Sun-Ray,
An Average American Guy, USA

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