How To Keep & Use Gods Of Wealth Talisman?

"If I were to keep Gods Of Wealth Talisman somewhere not openly visible or if I keep it hanging in a closed cabinet, would it be okay and not offend the deities or anything? "

Yes, it is OK to keep in a closed cabinet or drawer, and hide away from public view. You won't offend the deities.

"You mentioned before that all will be blessed if left hanging at home, does that mean it will be blessing all of us whenever we're away from home as well?"

If it is framed up and hang on the main hall, the deities will bless the family members staying in the house.

"If in a situation where a family member is going to have a job interview, would you advise they physically take the talisman with them or just keep at home as is enough?"

If the talisman is already framed up and hang on the main hall, just pray to it before going for the job interview. If the talisman is kept aside in the drawer or cabinet, then bring it out and pass it to Your family member and let him / her carry along when he /she goes for job interview.

"When using the Gods of Wealth Talisman for lottery numbers, can I use candles instead of the incense sticks you mentioned? or are there any other alternatives I might be able to use?"

You can use candles, instead of incense sticks. But lighting up either one is important. It is informing the deities that You are preparing a formal meeting with them. Just like when a spiritual master going to perfom sorcery or black magic, he will need to light up incense sticks, or candles to perform the ritual.

"Lastly, when picking the numbers from the cup, it said the numbers are flung out. Is that similar to shaking the cup till one of the numbers drop out? When trying to shake it out it seems more than one number keeps popping out. Can I just stick my hand in the cup and randomly pick one out? "

If You are playing Pick 4 / Pick 3 Lottery...

Remember to light up  candles, or incense sticks while praying to the gods , or ghosts for help.

Fill a cup with 10 pieces of tiny pieces of paper  written 0 to 9, and roll up. Then use the cup as a "Shake Cup".  Shaking the cup till 1 number drop out. Record the number and put it back. Repeat the same process until You have a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Set.

If more than 1 number come out, put them back again, and re-shake it for that particular number.

Video below shows "Shake A Cup" Method for numbers with Kumantongs...

The same way, You can pray to Gods Of Wealth Talisman and seek Potential Winning Pick 3 / Pick 4 Numbers. You will be amazed that You can achieve 90% accuracy in this method of prediction. If You win a Prize, You will always win on the TOP 3 Prizes (Direct & Permutation).

"The Lotto I am betting on has between 1- 49 numbers to choose, how should I ask for the winning numbers?"

Remember to light up  candles, or incense sticks while praying to the gods , or ghosts for help.

Folks who are playing Toto, Lotto, Bingo, USA Mega, Powerball, Mega Millions etc or any similar type of Lottery, can use a Bingo Toy, battery operated one. Just press one button and the balls will start to roll.

This is what You do...

If You have framed up the talisman, place the bingo toy set in front of it , then do Your prayer. Then start to press the button to get a set of Lottery Numbers.

If You have not framed up the talisman, then put the talisman (folded up on the zip-log bag or container) on a tray, and pray to it, then press the bingo toy to get the numbers.

Words Of Wisdom...

There is no fix way to pray and seek help from the divine spiritual entities. If You have new ideas, You can improvise and implement new ways to communicate with them, as long as the results turn out to be positive.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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