A Brazil guy seeking the Tao to guide his life..

(Article was written in Portugese and translated into English)

Good afternoon. I live in Sao Paulo in Brazil. I study as much as I can on Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions of various cultures. I had an idea to study mudras, more precisely - the Kuji Kiri and came across this magnificent site of Taoism.

I was born in a Christian family, I was baptized in the church but since I was a child I did not align with this religion but I believe in Jesus Christ as an avatara, wise, very powerful.

When I was a child, I studied the scriptures and I was always praying but still I always got into trouble. I always had a hard time. It took me a long time to date. I couldn't understand the math lessons mainly, I had few friends, and I was always badly treated at school and in social places.

People call me crazy and smart. I don't think smart because I didn't guide my life to the destination I wanted. I missed many opportunities in life out of extreme fear and ignorance, very afraid of everything and everyone, shyness.

Nowadays, I have this message ... I ended up trying to study the various religions but always the magic, the occult, the philosophy were lines of study that I always studied. Sometimes I stopped, but as now I'm coming back, hit my spirit to study mudras, kuji, breathing and meditation.

I have Tao Te Ching but it is a book that needs guidance from a master to understand it deeply. It is a scripture by Master Lao Tse. I am passionate about Chinese Culture and Chinese Occult Knowledge .. Chi Kung, Wu Shu, Kung Fu, Taoism, Buddhism ...

I am a shaman practitioner. I even participated in indigenous shamanistic rituals. I took Ayahuasca, daime tea a kind of enterogenic tea that makes people see the spiritual world and on the tea trip I saw a female entity wanting to kill me (she seemed linked to my ex-girlfriend who often said she wanted to kill me and that's why we broke up) on the spiritual trip I saw many things how life worked and such. I saw that there is a spiritual charge of the past for the ancestors, something charges men, men are always addicted, sick and crazy and drunk and I don't want to go this way.

I do rituals and in the midst of these rituals, this site (Taoist Sorcery) appeared precisely in my search to practice mudras but came more information that I did not even know, such as Taoism Talismans.

My late grandfather was a spiritist, a medium, prayed beating drums in an African religion. I helped people with their spiritual knowledge and I believe I am unwittingly called to it, I just want to fix my life work, get a better mind more dynamic being less dumb and innocent, unlocking my sentimental, loving, creative, financial life, ...

I'm not lazy. I've always been working. I don't want anything free but I've tried everything and see myself in a circle repeating things ... I want to be an important person, developing a job in the world, a good job.

Anyway, I am not against Jesus Christ. I pray to him! I happen to like to study the magic arts too. I like to study other religions and shamanism. I always put Jesus Christ.. Buddha and others forward in my prayers but I believe in other arts.

I'm going to sleep as I have to work.

Feeling thankful!
From Brazil - F.S Cardoso

Short Note from Taoist Sorcery Master: Understanding the Tao Te Ching will guide a person to find peace in this chaotic world. A person who follows the Folk Taoist Path, can pray to all gods and spirits of any religions of their liking. If a person become a Christian, he is not allowed to pray to other deities or spirits of other faith, which is stated in the 10 commandments. It becomes a contraction between faiths.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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