4D Scammers or Real Spiritual 4D Masters - How to differentiate & What to do?

Not long ago, there were news about several people being cheated off few hundred thousands in 4D Lottery Scams. The victims were contacted via social media platforms such as Facebook, or through private messages and asked to buy an amulet that came with a winning 4D ticket. The scammer told the victim to pay a sum of money to "Invite the God of Fortune" to provide winning 4D numbers. The victims were then told that someone who helped them buy their 4D numbers in Malaysia had won and they would be given a portion of their winnings. However, victims had to first transfer a token sum to Thailand for the deities to bless the money before they could receive it. The scammers became uncontactable after the money was transferred.

The Modus Operandi of the scam

The Modus Operandi of the scam is somewhat the same as Email Scams, or other similar scam tactics. It goes like this: That particular person (due to a certain reason) has a lot of money to give You, or You are told that You have won a lot of money (from somewhere), but You need to give them some money 1st (for certain reason), before they are able to send You over even more money. After sending them money, they dissappear and uncontactable.

Because of the scammers, people become paranoid

Because of the scammers out there, this will cause many people into thinking that 4D can never be predicted (even with the help from Gods and Ghosts), and all types of spiritual items are fake and is just superstition, which in turn, stop them from experiencing the truth of Winning 4D with Spiritual Intervention.

It also cause those folks who might have the chance to be blessed with Winning The Lottery With Spiritual Intervention, end up not trying and exploring further, and therefore, miss the chance forever.

If I can Win 4D, Why can't You?

I (Taoist Sorcery Master) am here using myself as example, to reveal the truth, so people can differentiate between what are considered "The Real Deal" and what are considered "Scams".

I've the rights to share my views because I'm  one of those who "walk his talk" and personally depend on Gods and Ghosts from the usage of Taoist Talismans & Rituals and also Kumantongs to seek 4D Numbers, in order to Strike 4D for myself. If I can Win, so can You.

Showing Off The Truth

1) Images of Genuine Winning 4D Tickets of Kumantong 4D Power of pass months and past years since 2009 until now: https://photos.app.goo.gl/smcxFmuvvY724cJD3

2) My (Kumantongs 4D Master) personal 4D Winnings' write-up:

3) Testimonials from folks who follow the same methods of praying to gods and ghosts (from using Taoist Talismans & Kumantongs) to Win 4D for themselves:

After showing off the real proves of  Winning 4D through spiritual intervention, the non-believers can stop saying: "This is Fake", "No such thing as ghosts", "4D cannot be predicted".

What I have to say?

1) 4D definitely can be won by spiritual intervention with the help from gods and ghosts, but not everytime on every draws. However, You will win more often than the odds of  Winning 4D. My personal experiences >> Gods and Ghosts have never let me down by making a loss while betting on 4D. I win more than what I spent on betting on 4D.

2) If there is no spiritual intervention, You better not bet 4D at all, because the odds of winning are against You - YOU WILL NEVER STRIKE.

3) The best way to protect Yourself against the Fake 4D Masters & Scammers, is to be able to do rituals by yourself to seek numbers from gods or ghosts  to Win 4D on your own. To achieve this, You need to find a Genuine Spiritual Master (example: Taoist Sorcerer) who is willing to teach You the secret knowledge and he is also using the same method he preaches to You to Win 4D for himself.

How to differentiate between Real Spiritual 4D   Masters and 4D Scammers / Fake 4D Masters ?

Real Spiritual 4D Masters

Real Spiritual 4D Experts Strike 4D for themselves and don't need to sell You their numbers to make a living. They  can Win Money for themselves by themselves. You are the one who need their experties to help You Strike 4D. You look for them, they don't need to come and look for You. You are willing to pay a fee for their help, not that they need to sell You their numbers to earn Your money.

A Spiritual 4D Expert will tell you straight that he won't know whether his number given by the god or ghost will strike or not. Whether will win or not, depend on the god's or ghost's good-will.  Only after consistantly, genuinely (Real Winning Tickets - Not Photoshopped) Striking TOP 3 Prizes frequently, then You will notice indeed he is a Master level.

You should learn from him:

1) Learn how to use Taoist Talismans, to seek help from deities to Strike 4D on Your own.

2) Learn how to keep a genuine Kumantong, or keep a ghost servant (Taoist Gui-Kia), or Malay Toyol and use it to Strike 4D on Your own.

3) You might want to spend several years to learn Taoist Sorcery from a Taoist Sorcery Master (if he is willing to teach) and in future, create Your own Taoist Talismans or catch ghosts to be Your own spirit servants to Strike 4D and provide genuine services to other people.

Alternative method: 

Some good places to seek help for 4D Numbers are Chinese Temples that have Tang-Ki (Taoist Spirit Medium) Worship. Usually during the celebration festival of a certain particular deity, the deity (in trance by a spirit medium) will predict a high potential winning number for followers to buy.  During consultation service, if You genuinely have money problem, the deity-in-charge might give You a potential winning number for You to buy and hopefully You win the number and able to clear Your debts, or short cut to achieve Your dreams.  The problem is..  Deities (in trance of spirit mediums) only provide 4D Numbers occasionally during major prayer events and during consultation services.  Further more, not all deities can provide 4D Numbers.  Only certain deities have the ability to predict 4D Winning Numbers.

4D Scammers

4D Scammers will come and look for You and tell You that You have won a lot of money (from somewhere), but You need to give them some money 1st (for certain reason), before they able to send You over even more money. After sending them money, they dissappear and uncontactable.

Fake 4D Masters

Another type of 4D Scammers are Fake 4D Masters. Usually they are from Indonesia and some are from Malaysia. The expertise of these idiots is using photo-editing software to change the numbers (into winning numbers) on images of 4D Tickets, stolen from the internet. After showing You the images of  many "Winning" Tickets (usually Direct 1st Prize) , making You into believing that they indeed  have won 4D DIRECT 1ST Prize on every draws and You desperately willing to pay few hundred dollars for his "SURE STRIKE" numbers. After You found out that the number given never strike, he is already uncontactable.

Conclusion:  4D certainly can be won through Spiritual Intervention. You just need to find a Genuine Spiritual 4D Master to teach You the same methods he uses to Strike 4D for himself. Don't let the  non-believers stop You from Winning 4D frequently with the help of  gods and ghosts by Yourself,  because I (Taoist Sorcery Master / Kumantong 4D Master) can Win, so can You.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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