I have been buying 4d for a long time and never strike the top 3 prizes,why I don't have such luck?

"I have been buying 4d for a long time and never strike the top 3 prizes,why I dont have such luck? I am facing financial problem right now and I am desperate for money to pay back. I have been buying my house no. and my taxi no. for a long time and lately have been seeing Hell God of Wealth, so far no luck? can you help? PLEASE ADVISE. TQ."

You are buying the Lottery Numbers the wrong way!

90% of 4D Punters are always buying numbers derived from their houses, birth date, handphone numbers , car numbers etc.  This is the main problem why they never strike 4D / Lottery or only strike 1 time every few years. These folks ( Mostly uneducated uncles and aunties and YOU) keep hoping their personal numbers will pop out on  upcoming 4D Results.

This is EGO PROBLEM - " I want 4D Results to follow what I buy to come out".

You can't control the 4D Results to follow the numbers that You buy. You just need to  know the 4D numbers that will come out on the 1st Prize ( Or one of the TOP 3 Prizes) and buy that Winning Numbers!

Rule 1 - Without the help and support of Deities or Ghosts , Don't BUY 4D LOTTERY!

The chances of striking 4D with Your own personal numbers  is 23 / 10000 = 0.0023%
The chances of You to strike 4D with a TOP 3 PRIZE with your own personal numbers is 3 / 10000 = 0.0003%

Now, You know why You will never strike 4D Lottery anytime you want.

Even the 4D Analysis Software created by the 4D Masters / Gurus, which vomit few hundred sets of hopeful winning numbers out-beat the 4D numbers from Your own personal numbers, by 2 more percent. Another problem here is You need to spend hours and days to play with the  4D Analysis Software and then  still need to buy few hundred sets of 4D that vomited out ( from the 4D Analysis Software) on every draw, which will improve Your chances of Winning by 2 more miserable percent only.


You need to seek help and support from deities or ghosts in order to strike 4D consistently.There are several ways to seek help..

* Consult the Deity, while in trance by a Taoist Medium

Make sure the Deity You seek help is one of those that will give Lottery Numbers. The problem is most of the time, the Deities who are giving consultation to Human Folks, they HAVE NO TIME and NOT INTERESTED to give You Lottery Numbers.

When You approach the Deity just to ask for Lottery Numbers, he will scold You for wasting his time and will not entertain You. He will tell You there are people who have more important problems to settle than giving You Winning Lucky Numbers.

However,when You are in a desperate situation for Money, just tell the Deity the truth, he will do a study and give You one of the best solution. One of the solution may be a correct Lottery Number only for You just to let You strike and clear your Money Woes.

The problem is You can only ask 4D Numbers once in a long while , or the deity will provide confirm sure win lottery numbers during their yearly important festival of the particular Wealth Providing Deities. You can't approach a Taoist Medium , to trance a Deity on every 4D Draw Days, just to give You Winning 4D Numbers. 

- Chinese Gods Of Wealth and How To Seek 4D Numbers from them

* Seek help from the ghost / ghosts - In the Graveyard

You may want to pay a fee and engage the service of a Taoist Master to bring You to a Graveyard and do a ritual to summon a ghost to provide You with a set of sure Win 4D Numbers. You need to discuss the terms and conditions and payment with the ghost , in order to get a set of sure WIN 4D numbers. The terms or payment can be burning of a stack of Hell Notes or doing a Ritual / Prayer / Puja for the ghost's early rebirth, or help him / her to seek revenge on someone still alive.

Best Choice 1 - Keep a Kumantong


By keeping a Kumantong, You are able to seek 4D Lottery Numbers on every draws. Kumantong will not scold You, punish You and won't disturb You. Kumantong will provide You with highly accurate 4D Numbers on every 4D Draws. By keeping a Powerful Kumantong, the chance of Winning 4D Numbers for every 4D Draw days is 90% chance of Striking 4D TOP 3 Prize.

The problem is almost all of the Kumantongs, even if they are genuine, are not trained to be able to provide You with Winning 4D Numbers.

A Powerful , Well-Trained Kumantong that can provide You with Highly Accurate Winning 4D Numbers  is not cheap.

- Where To Buy and How To Keep a Super Powerful Kumantong

Best Alternative 2 - Keep Wealth Bringing Talismans

- "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman 

 Multi-Wealth Attraction Talisman
"Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman

"Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman is a multi-purpose Wealth Bringing Talisman. It can be used to predict the upcoming 4D Numbers, which will hit on a TOP 3 Prize.

"Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman is kept for:
* Improve Your Luck In Striking Lottery
* Unsuspected Monetary Gain
* Sudden Windfall
* Success In Business Ventures
* Free From Financial Difficulty
* Predict the 4D / Toto / Lotto Numbers

The beauty of "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman is You can seek 4D / Toto / Lotto Numbers on every 4D / Toto / Lotto Draws and the Wealth Deities invoked from the talisman will not scold or punish You.

- Where To Buy and How To Keep and Pray to "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman

- 4D / Lottery Prediction Talisman

4D Prediction Talisman
 "Strike 1st Prize" Talisman 

"Strike 1st Prize" Talisman are suitable to be kept by folks who just want to focus on Winning 4D Lottery. It is use to seek the upcoming 1st Prize 4D Numbers and also to improve Your Luck in Winning 4D / Lotter.

The beauty of "Strike 1st Prize" Talisman is You can continue to seek 4D / Toto / Lotto Numbers on every 4D / Toto / Lotto Draws and the Wealth Deity invoked from the talisman will not scold or punish You.

- Where To Buy and How To Keep  "Strike 1st Prize" Talisman

Conclusion: Winning 4D / Toto / Lotto / Pick 4 / Pick 3 is very easy. You just need to know how to seek help from deities and ghosts anytime You want when You bet the Lottery.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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