Taoist Sorcery Master.. How To Pray To Greate Jade Emperor? Can You Help Me?

"Good afternoon Taoist Sorcery Master. I read on your website that you provide ritual service to pray to Great Jade Emperor on certain specific dates. I will be very grateful if You can help me! I live in Russia but  my faith is Chinese Religion. If you can also send  me a Greate Jade Emperor Mantra in Chinese - I'm very grateful to you."

The Great Jade Emperor ( 玉皇大帝 - Yu Huang Da Di) is revered as:

1) The 'Most Venerable Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Golden Palace' (昊天金闕至尊玉皇大帝 - Hao Tian Jin Que Zhi Zun Yu Huang Da Di)

2) The 'Lofty Jade Emperor of the Mysterious Heaven" (玄穹高上玉皇大帝 Xuan Qong Gao Shang Da Di).

His complete Title in Taoist Scriptures is:

Hao Tian Jin Que Wu Shang Zhi Zun Zi Ran Miao You Mi Luo Zhi Zun Yu Huang Da Di.
'Most Venerable Highest Jade Emperor of All-Embracing Sublime Spontaneous Existence of the Heavenly Golden Palace'

The Great Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝 - Yu Huang Da Di) is the emperor of all heavens, king of all Immortals, lord of saints, the highest divinity of the ten thousand spirits in the three realms and of all Immortals of the Three Grottoes (三洞仙真 - San Dong Xian Zhen). He has the power to order the Immortals of the Nine Heavens and to invoke the spirits of the four seas and five sacred mountains. All the spirits follow and attend to him in queue, just like the emperor and his ministers in the human world.

Base on the Taoist Scripture of Original Deeds of the Lofty Jade Emperor (《高上玉皇本行經》 Gao Shang Yu Huang Ben Xing Jing):

The Great Jade Emperor is the son of the King of the Pure Blissful Kingdom of Lofty Heavenly Lights and Ornaments (光嚴淨樂國王 - Guang Lian Jing Le Guo Wang) and of the Empress of Precious Moonlight (寶月光皇后 - Bao Yue Guang Huang Hou). At birth, the precious light of his glorious flames filled the country. He was smart and wise when young, and kind and benevolent when grown up.

He devoted the entire state treasury to all sentient beings, the poor and suffering, the deserted and single, the hungry and disabled. After the death of the King of Pure Bliss (淨樂王 - Jing Le Wang), he ruled ably as crown prince and told his ministers that, feeling merciful for all sentient beings, he would abandon the throne and cultivate Dao on the Mountain of Universal Light and Fragrant Rocks ( 普明香嚴 - Pu Ming Xiang Yan).

After 3200 aeons, he attained to the station of Golden Immortality (金仙 - Jin Xian) and was called 'Emperor of Spontaneous Enlightenment" (自然覺皇 - Zi Ran Jue Huang).

He taught various Buddhas to understand the orthodox Great Vehicle and approach the empty sublime Tao. After cultivating for another 100 million kalpas, he ascended to the status of the Jade Emperor.

In Charge of the Tao of Heavens:

The Jade Emperor is an avatar of the Three Pristine Ones. The relationship between them is like Emptiness (虛無 - Xu Wu) preceding Subtle Being (妙有 - Miao You), Infinity (無極 - Wu Ji) preceding the Supreme Ultimate (太極 - Tai Ji), Non-Interference ( 無為 - Wu Wei) preceding Interfering Action (有為 You Wei). Therefore, the Jade Emperor is the master of the three fundamentals and in charge of the pivot of Heaven, Earth and Man.

The Greate Jade Emperor sends...

1) The Great Emperor of the North Pole Star of Purple Subtlety (紫微北極大帝 Zi Wei Bei Ji Da Di ) to administer the longitudes and latitudes of Heaven and Earth

2) The Great Emperor of the Highest Palace of Polaris (勾陳上宮大帝 Gou Chen Shang Gong Da Di) to administer the Three Powers of Heaven, Earth, and Man and to control wars;

3) The Imperial God of Earth (后土皇地祇 - Hou Tu Huang Di Qi) to administer births, land, and rivers.

In general, all things, Heaven, Earth, Yin and Yang, and creation, are in the charge of the Jade Emperor.

The Festivals Of Great Jade Emperor

The manifestation day / birthday of the Jade Emperor is the 9th of the 1st lunar month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

On this day, Daoist temples hold a Golden Register Ritual Offering (金籙齋儀 - Jin Lu Zhai Yi) called 'Jade Emperor Ritual' (玉皇會 -Yu Huang Hui).

The attendants, Daoist or laymen, worship the Jade Emperor with the "Offering to Heaven" ( 齋天大禮 - Qi Tian Da Li) rite, to pray for Luck and Longevity.

Chinese Folks in Fujian part of China, Taiwan and also South East Asia, calling the Jade Emperor "Heavenly Grandpa" ( 天公 Tiangong ), worship him on the 9th of the first lunar month.

In north China, sacrifices to the Jade Emperor were held in the past, where an image of the Jade Emperor was paraded around the village.

The 25th of the 12th month is the legendary day when the Jade Emperor descends and inspects the human world. Chinese Folks and temples all welcome the Jade Emperor by burning incense and reciting scriptures.

Ranking & Position of Great Jade Emperor

In Pure/Orthodox Taoism, the Great Jade Emperor is ranked between the Three Pristine Ones (三清 - San Qing) and the Four Heavenly Ministers (四御 - Si Yu). To the Chinese Folks, Jade Emperor is worshiped as the Ultimate Supreme Deity of Heaven and Earth and Entire Universe.

The 3 Pristine / Supreme Ones are

玉清元始天尊 (Yu Qing Palace – Yuan Shi Tian Zun)
上清灵宝天尊 (Shang Qing Palace – Ling Bao Tian Zun)
太清道德天尊(俗稱:太上老君,老子) (Tai Qing Palace – Dao De Tian Zun, aka Tai Shang Lao Jun/Lao Zi)

The Jade Emperor (Leader of all Immortals/Living Kinds) - 玉皇上帝 (Jade Emperor - Yu Huang Shang Di)

The Four Royal Emperors of Heaven (四御大帝) – There’s a few sets

1st Set:

中天北极紫微大帝 (Central Heavenly Realm Emperor Zi Wei)
玉皇上帝 (Jade Emperor - included)
勾成上宫(太极) 天皇大帝 (Palace Gou Cheng Heavenly Emperor Tai Ji)
承天效法后土皇地 (Hou Tu – Earthly Deity)

2nd Set:

中天北极紫微大帝(Central Heavenly Realm Emperor Zi Wei)
南极长生大帝 (Southern Heaven Hemisphere Emperor of Longevity )
勾成上宫(太极) 天皇大帝(Palace Gou Cheng Heavenly Emperor Tai Ji)
承天效法 后土皇地(Hou Tu – Earthly Deity)

3rd Set:

中天北极紫微大帝(Central Heavenly Realm Emperor Zi Wei)
青華東極宮太乙救苦天尊 (Qing Hua Dong Ji Palace Souls Salvaging Sage Tai Yi)
勾成上宫(太极) 天皇大帝(Palace Gou Cheng Heavenly Emperor Tai Ji)
承天效法 后土皇地(Hou Tu – Earthly Deity)

Important Chant to worship Great Jade Emperor during Taoist Rituals/ Ceremonies/ Festivals:

玉皇大天尊宝诰 (弥罗宝诰)
Yu Huang Bao Gao (Praise Mantra)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Tai Shang Mi Luo Wu Shang Tian 

Miao You Xuan Zhen Jing

Miao Miao Zi Jin Que

Tai Wei Yu Qing Gong

Wu Ji Wu Shang Sheng

Huo Luo Fa Guang Ming

Ji Ji Hao Wu Zong

Xuan Fan Zhong Shi Fang

Kan Ji Zhen Chang Dao

Hui Mo Da Shen Tong 

Yu Huang Da Tian Zun

Xuan Qiong Gao Shang Di
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