Which Taoist Deities do you pray to for the health of animals?

Client Hilary (Old Time Client) had a dog who was very sick (liver disease) and emailed me to check whether there were any celestial deities to invoke that may help her to get better, or at least be more comfortable.

"Hello, Master, A few months ago you did a ritual for my dog to get better. I want to let you know that she has slowly improved since then, and is now much better than she was. We are still waiting for test results to confirm this, but it is obvious that she is feeling well.  A big THANK YOU to you, and to the deities for helping!!!  By the way, which deities do you pray to for the health of animals?  Thank you!" - Hilary, USA
Immediately, a celestial animal deity that came to my mind was the celestial dog - 哮天犬 (Xiao Tian Quan) of Er-Lang-Shen (二郎神). 

The buddy celestial dog has been assisting Er-Lang-Shen (二郎神) to slay and eliminate demons. Over here, I sought it's help to protect and improve the health of client's sick dog. 

There are quite a number of Folk Chinese / Taoist Temples that pray to Er-Lang-Shen (二郎神), will also have altars catered to pray to his buddy celestial dog - 哮天犬 (Xiao Tian Quan). There are Chinese Spirit Mediums who "jump" (get into trance of) Er-Lang-Shen Deity. Often time, his buddy celestial dog - 哮天犬 (Xiao Tian Quan) might also "tag along" (come together) by possessing another Spirit Medium.

Short Note from Taoist Sorcery Master (a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master): 

After getting the photo and the particulars of his dog, a prayer ritual was done to invoked  Er-Lang-Zhen-Jun (二郎真君) - [The proper way to address Er-Lang-Shen (二郎神) during prayer / ritual] and then followed up by inviting his buddy celestial dog - 哮天犬 (Xiao Tian Quan)  for help. (To seek help from the buddy celestial dog, it is courtesy to 1st seek permission from Er-Lang-Shen - This is called "Follow the proper ranking and channel").

2 months later, Client Hilary emailed me to report that his dog's health had gotten better. 

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