A Very Powerful Wealth / Career / Money Luck Taoist Talisman for Retrenched (Laid Off) Professionals >> Ex-Directors / Ex-Managers / Ex-Executives / Ex-Engineers

You landed on this article is high chance that You are retrenched (laid-off) and in desperate need of help. You savings are drying up and no friends and no family members can help, not even the government. You are now hoping for Miracle to happen and praying to the Gods and Ghosts  is your last chance, before You do the final "leap".

The 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman was once a personal-customisation talisman for a Client, who was already an University Lecturer and was hoping for further Career Advancement.

The re-introducing of the  'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman to the Retrenched Professionals, due to several reasons:

  • Even the High Position workers, such as Directors, Managers, Executives and Engineers are prone to retrenchment. 
  • High Position Professionals, due to age discrimination, are finding hard to get a new job (Career) with the previous same salary or higher salary. Some folks have been sending out resumes after more resumes and waited for few months to a year or 2, or even much longer,  before landing on a miserable low-pay Job.  Most Retrenched Professionals  are still busy seeking for a Job. 
  • Most Ex-Directors, Ex-Managers, Ex-Executives, Ex-Engineers are seeking help from friends for a new Job but to realise that their friends are also Retrenched or Jobless and also seeking for a Job. They can't get help from friends because friends are also suffering the same fate.
  • Many Retrenched Professionals are feeling too shameful to inform their family members, or parents, or even their children that they have been retrenched. Therefore, they can't get help from their Family Members.
  • Many Retrenched Professionals, who have been 'Acting Successful' all the while, follow the rich to live in Private Housing and Own Cars, only until getting retrenched  then realised ownself is just a "Kucing Kurap" ( A person of no significance) that their own savings are drying up very soon, can't pay home mortgage and can't pay car loan and patrol.
  • When Family Members and Friends, can't help, Retrenched Folks can still seek help from Gods (Deities) and Ghosts.  

In fact, Gods and Ghosts are Your Best Friends. The problem is it is always only until people face the dead end themselves , then  they start to wanting to believe in the super natural.  Often time, these are same group of  people who use to condemn that Spiritual Magic / Occult is  Bull-Shit and Superstitious.

This is the reason why I (Taoist Sorcery Master) re-introduce the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman to  Retrenched  Professionals - Ex-Directors  / Ex-Managers / Ex- Executives / Ex- Engineers, who are in need  the most, than those Professionals who already have a good Career.

Why only introduce the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman only to the Professionals or Ex-Professionals?

Let me be honest and direct. The low-end  position workers most high chance that they can't afford to pay the fee to have the  'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman created and spiritually empowered  for them. 

The Retrenched Ex-Professionals at least still have a huge Retrenchment Benefit / Compensation, which can invest a potion of it to pay to order for  the  'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman.

If You can't afford  the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman, there is still hope..

For those folks, or even those Broke (Savings also drying up)  Retrenched Ex-Professionals who are desperately in need of the talisman but can't afford to own it,  there are still many other cheaper variety of Wealth Talismans to order. 

There is even Kumantong 4D Prediction Service to quickly Strike The 4D / Toto Lottery , hopefully to receive a huge windfall, in order to pull through the hard time, before landing on a better pay job. 

Worse come to Worst, there is even Free Method to Win 4D / Toto Lottery. (Kindly email me to ask me how to do it - After Winining , then remember to do Your offerings to the Kumantongs).

Video Of the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman

To understand each and every Talisman of the 7 Talismans and how the talismans benefit You, GO TO:  The 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman

Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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