How To Do Feng Shui To Strike The Lottery (4D /Toto) ?

During the festive seasons, many folks are hoping to strike the lottery (4D / Toto) and get a windfall for the New Year.

You are going to approach , or have approached a Feng Shui Master to seek help in Striking The Lottery. They will tell You , or have told You right in front of Your face :"Sorry.. Feng Shui can only enhance LUCK but there is NO WAY to predict 4D / Toto numbers".

You should approach a Taoist Master / Sorcerer , or a Tang-Ki (Spirit Medium) , and not a Modern Day Feng Shui Master.


Most of  the modern days Feng Shui Masters will tell You, or have told You, Feng Shui can only enhance your luck and there is no way to predict what numbers to bet on every Lottery Draws. The reason is because they don't know Taoist Sorcery, therefore they have no clues and no answers to keep winning the lottery.

Modern days English Educated Feng-Shui Masters  chose to study Feng-Shui,  because they realized there are many modernized English Educated Chinese (especially Chinese Singaporeans)  still believe in Feng Shui , and more and more Western Folks are also interested in Feng Shui, which means a lot of  money to be made if they are able to include a Title:"Feng Shui Master". They can do Feng-Shui Audit and charge a lot more money by carrying a Luo-Pan and give advise by looking around the premises.

These Modern Days English educated Feng-Shui Masters, learned some basic Feng-Shui  (from a short Feng-Shui Course created for Feng-Shui Master -Wannabes to get a Certificate In Feng Shui )  at a later period of their life, usually in their late 20s or 30s. Most of these modern days Feng-Shui Masters  are folks who have completed westernized education of a Diploma or Degree in Architectural Engineering, or interior design, and later on add on another Certificate of Feng Shui , to become a "Feng Shui Master".

To be proficient in Feng Shui, they should have studied ancient Chinese Classic School of House Building /Construction, or Lu Ban Jing (鲁班经) "Lu Ban's Classic".

Modern Feng Shui Courses are restructured, by getting rid of the Taoist Sorcery knowledge , such as Taoist Talismans Drawing for Feng Shui uses, Taoist Incantations, Exorcism, Consecrating Deity Statues, Empowering Feng Shui Products,  Setting Up Altars,  Specific Way To Pray To Deities etc, which take many years to learn by following a Taoist Master.

Modern Feng Shui is packaged to make it look "Scientific" and not Superstitious, to be able to sell to the modern English educated Chinese and Western Folks.

An Old School Feng Shui Master started out from a very young age by being an apprentice or helper to an Old Age, Seasoned, Taoist Sorcery cum Feng Shui Master to master both Taoist Sorcery & Feng Shui Skills. Old  School Feng Shui Master have the full knowledge in Taoist Sorcery & Feng Shui, without needing a Certificate / Diploma In Feng Shui.


Feng Shui can enhance wealth later on, but what if You want to keep on Striking The Lottery now? Or maybe You are very desperate to pay off debts , or any other reasons which You need money fast, and there is no time to wait  to improve Feng Shui for Home or Office, and no money to pay a Feng Shui Master for Feng Shui Audit?

You just need to know how to ask for Numbers directly from the Deities or Ghosts. Even with Bad Ba-Zi in Your Birth Chart, You will also Strike The Lottery.


Isn't it good if You can spend money on a holiday trip, or buy whatever You desire by using the hundreds and thousands of spare cashes that come from winning the lottery , instead of having to spend the hard earn money You earn from a miserable Job? Imagine having a pile of cashes to pump into an investment , or put as down payment to own a new house?

You can achieve Your dreams and desires, by just asking the Deities or Ghosts for Numbers.

The beauty of seeking help from Deities and Ghosts is that the 4D Numbers given are at least 90% accurate. You will often Strike 4D on TOP 3 Prizes, or if You miss, You only miss by 1 digit in the TOP 3 Prize.

>>Link to Images of Past Winning Tickets<< 

  Seek Help From Deities

To keep striking The Lottery, all You need is to have the ability to seek Lottery Numbers (4D / Toto) directly from Deities or Ghosts. Not even having to waste time using a 4D Software.

To seek help from Taoist Deities, You can approach a Wealth-Deity, directly when a Tang-Ki (Taoist Spirit Medium) is in trance.

The best way is to keep a Powerful Wealth-Bringing Talisman, which You can use it to seek Lottery Numbers anytime You want, or as many times as You want for every 4D Draws.

 Powerful Wealth-Bringing Talismans:

Seek Help From Ghosts

To seek help from Ghosts, You may engage a Taoist Master to bring You to the graveyard and get Lottery Numbers from the dead. Spirits / Ghosts from the wild / jungle / forest are also good to ask for accurate winning numbers, example: Banana Spirit.  During Chinese 7th Lunar  Month, there are temples that have Tua Di Ya Peh to bring devotees to graveyards to seek Lottery Numbers.

The best way is to keep a Kumantong at home, so that You can always ask 4D Numbers anytime You want. Make sure the Kumantong You keep is well-trained in providing Lottery Numbers.
Well-Trained Powerful Kumantongs & Kumantong 4D Prediction:
Important Point:

Even with good Feng Shui, if  You are going to keep buying the same exact personal numbers day in day out,You will never strike 4D.

To strike 4D, You just need to know what are the upcoming numbers on the TOP 3 Prizes and buy those Numbers. In order to gain this 4D Prediction Power, You just need a Taoist Wealth Talisman, or a Kumantong that is well-trained in Lottery Prediction.

To win the Lottery..
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