Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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I 'm a Gay and I want to attract another Gay. Can You help me?

"May I ask if you have any talismans for: 1) Handsome / Gorgeous Man Self-Coming 2) Ultimate Gay Same Sex Attraction Talisman 3) Social Power for gays?"

"I'm a Guy and I Love my Friend who is also a Guy. I keep thinking and dreaming of him every now and then as I truly love him. Do You think there is a possibility in having him to show interest in me?"

"I'm a gay (Man like man). I have met this guy about 5 months ago. I brought him to my house to stay over. We had "sessions" together. Yes I like him so much, I have gone to a few Malay Bomohs (Magic Masters) but it seems not working however one of the Malay Magic Master says 'The Malay way cannot get You this guy. You need to seek Thai Master or other type of Master'.  I can't get over him till now. Sometime I dream of him. After staying over at my place, he totally never contact me and went missing. After having met him, its hard for me to find new guys and my sex drive is no longer there, unless I think about him. Can you please advise me accordingly.."

"I am a gay and I wish to have a good lasting relationship with my male lover. Do You have any ritual or talisman for gays, which can help me?"

"Do you have any effective love spells for gay relationship? I'm getting to know a guy better. We live in different countries. What spells do you have to make us together and get married? How do I pay the fee for the ritual?"

"May I ask since i am a homosexual, do you have a ritual that can make another or any man i desire to be my slave? Or like a talisman? Thanks. I am willing to pay the fee for the ritual or talisman."


The above questions are  emails from gays sent to Taoist Sorcery Master. This is to show You are not alone. There are many other gays, like You, who have the same gay's hopes and wishes.

Due to gay discrimination and gay stigma in society, You have kept Your sexual orientation a secret to the family members and even the female friends and colleagues.There is no one You can discuss about Your Homosexuality and no one to seek advice to woo that handsome hunk or another gay guy.

You might have sought spiritual help from other religious groups but they have told You that being a gay is wrong and You should "straighten" up instead. You have tried very hard to change but You realized no matter how sexy / pretty / beautiful the girls /ladies / women are, they have failed to attract You.

YOU ONLY WANT MEN. You know You are born like this to have feeling over Men, and You want it this way.

2 Taoist Sorcery Paths - Right or Left
Before continue reading.. Take note that there are 2 Taoist Sorcery Paths..

* Taoist Sorcery of the Right Path will consider Your homosexuality as sexual misconduct and will try to do ritual to "straighten" You.  Taoist Right Path Ritual is often engaged by parents to turn their gay son into straight son and  also to break up all the gay lovers. If You have approached a Taoist Deity ( During Trance by a Taoist Spirit Medium)  to seek help in Your Gay Issue, You must have been told that being a gay is wrong and should have a ritual done or drink talisman water to change Your sexual orientation. 

* Taoist Sorcery of the Left Path will let You be who You are. "Gay Love" Ritual will boost up your gay attraction level to a new height.  

Over here, the discussion will be Taoist Sorcery of the Left Path..

In Taoist Sorcery of the Left Path, there is this specific deity, which is invoked to bless homosexual couples. He is called Hu Tian Bao (胡天保) or Tu Er Shen (兔儿神) - The Rabbit Deity / God.

All the Taoist Sorcery Rituals in Homosexual Love, have been blessed by Tu Er Shen (兔儿神).

Who is Tu Er Shen (兔儿神)?
Tu Er Shen (兔儿神) is a Chinese deity who manages the love and sex between homosexual men. His name literally means "Rabbit Deity".

Tu Er Shen (兔儿神) was a man called Hu Tianbao (胡天保). Hu Tianbao was originally a man who fell in love with a very handsome imperial inspector of Fujian Province. One day Hu Tianbao was caught peeping on the inspector through a bathroom wall, at which point he confessed his affections on him. The imperial inspector had Hu Tianbao sentenced to death by beating. One month after Hu Tianbao's death, he appeared to a man from his hometown in a dream, informing him that since his crime was one of love, the underworld officials decided to right the injustice by appointing him the god and safe-guarder of homosexual affections. He will bless every gays who pray to him.

A slang term for homosexuals in late imperial China was Rabbit (兔子 - Tu Zi), which is why Hu Tianbao is referred to as the Rabbit Deity, though in fact he has nothing to do with rabbits and should not be confused with Tu Er Ye (兔儿爷) - The rabbit on the moon.

Talismans and Rituals For Gays
1) A "Rabbit God" Talisman can be carried to dramatically increase the sexual attraction of other gays towards You.

2) If You are targeting a particular gay friend /gay lover or to win his love over You, a ritual is needed to be done. His and Your Ba-Zi (八字) (Full Name & Date Of Birth etc) are  needed.

3) In some cases, Mao-Shan Magic (茅山法术) will be included to increase Your overall gay sexual and social power.

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