Can I Print Out a Taoist Talisman?

"Where can I get a copy of the Taoist Talisman that I can print off the computer?"

"Can I print the Taoist Talismans on normal white paper and keep it in my wallet or can i just put it as a wallpaper on my mobile. Will it work or is there any other procedure. Can you please guide me?"

"I download the pictures of Talismans and I print them black and white . will they work for me Or not?"


Many non-Chinese , and even some Chinese, thought that Taoist Talismans can be easily created just by merely printing them out from a Printer.

Carrying Printed, unconsecrated talismans are just like carrying Trash Papers with You all the time. 

What You see on a paper Talisman or cloth Talisman might be just some strokes of weird cloudy shapes and Chinese Characters , but what You do not see is there are initial preparations and steps, and also the specific secret chants recited and specific Taoist Hand Mudras performed while drawing the respective talismans, and then at the closing , have to seal up the magical power onto the ending part of talismans.

After talisman is drawn, there is still talisman empowering ritual to go through to boost up the magical power of the whole piece of talisman and chopping of Taoist Stamp Seals.

The sad truth is that there are also many Big Popular / Famous Chinese Taoist Temples giving out fake Talismans. There are some Chinese in China, who are not Taoist Masters, mass create Fake Taoist Talismans by  mass printing and selling them cheaply on some Feng-Shui Shops.

It is better to own a Genuine, Powerful Talisman by buying, or pay a fee to a Genuine Taoist Master to have a Taoist Talisman created and empowered  for You, by going through the proper procedure, one Talisman at a time.

The price of a Genuine Taoist Talisman, or the fee to have a Genuine Taoist Talisman created for You might be expensive to You initially, but it is going to bless You a whole life time, and You can continue to pass it on to Someone else, such as Your family members or children.

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