Get A High Pay Job and Promotion with Taoist Sorcery?

"Taoist Sorcery Master, I came across your websites, and i found perhaps you're able to advice or help me. My main problem is I've been applying to get promoted in the same company I'm working in right now, but unfortunately no good news at all. I've tried few times to get promoted in different department but failed as well. I get very exhausted, after failing so many times to get promoted. I am searching for a way to help me get promoted and have a boost in my current career. Master, Would you please assist me with Your advice?"

1st Problem - Finding a job is difficult, even with a Degree
Kids, who come from family of  working class parents always have the same notion that "Study hard, Get Good Grades, and Your future will be bright" and they will program this mindset to their children at a very young age. After the kids have grown up to adults and start working, these grown-up kids realise, even with good grades, or even a Degree, finding a job is difficult.

2nd Problem - Got a Job but Low Pay
Some folks manage to find a job, but with low pay. some folks manage to get a high pay job, but a job they hate. Some folks after working for a while, realize having a job is not what he /she wants.

3rd Problem - Surrounded By Too Many Villains (小人 - Xiao Ren)
Most folks, especially 98% of Singapore population (include the educated and uneducated) will choose the path of a worker. Many naive young adults will believe that by mere hard work alone, their future will be bright and their boss and superiors will look highly upon them and give them the credits and promote their positions in the company accordingly.

Surrounded by too many Villains (小人 - Xiao Ren) - Being an outstanding figure in the company, You may attract jealousy from Your colleagues, or even from the immediate superiors who are afraid that You will take over their positions or above their positions.They will bad-mouth You behind Your back and report all Your wrong doings to the superior , or create fake stories to try to get rid of You from the company.

Your Birth Chart (八字 - Ba-Zi) - Eight Characters
A lot of time, Your life problems are recorded in Your Birth Chart. Many things that You try Your very best to excel, always failed miserably. You life are full of Villains (小人 - Xiao Ren) surrounding You and anything You do is being destroyed by them. Your Birth Chart lack of  Gui-Ren (贵人) - Respectable Important People. Your wealth luck might also been block, which stops You from receiving the potential wealth which belongs to You, including the lottery luck.



"Gods Of Wealth" Talisman will attract wealth from all ways and all directions to You. "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman work best for businessmen, salesmen and owners of companies, but also help the working folks as well.

For a worker, the only way to improve your income is through promotion to a higher position and increment of pay.

"Gods Of Wealth" Talisman will:
1) Gods Of Wealth will bring  贵人 (Gui Ren) into Your life.
2) Gods Of Wealth will get rid of all the Villains (小人 - Xiao Ren) out of your life.
3) The Horse Spiritual General (马将军) is invoked , together with Gods Of Wealth. The purpose of the Horse Spiritual General (马将军 - Ma Jiang Jun) will lead You out of  all kind of blockages  in your life.

With "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman...
1) The chances of promotion in Your company will improve. You might not even need to beg your superiors and bosses for a promotion. The beauty is..just imagine.. they will come and look for You and request that You take up a higher position and the company is willing to shower You will high pay instead.

2) It will protect You from retrenchment too. Sometime retrenchment is a good thing, because You might get better offer elsewhere than the previous company that retrench You. Gods Of Wealth will guide You to the best position as how they see fit.

Not only that...
You will also receive money and wealth from most unexpected ways..
Example:   One fellow kept the "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman and 2 days later, his aunty strike the Toto and win few hundred thousand dollars and give him a Big Fat Ang Bao of Few Thousand Dollars.

"Gods Of Wealth" Talisman can also be used to seek the Lottery Numbers!
Other than earning money the hard way from a job, winning the lottery big time is the best way to improve own limited wealth out from a job. All You need to do is tie the talisman on a shaking cup , light up incense sticks or aroma cones, shake the cup of Numbers (0 - 9) to get a set of 4D / Pick 4 numbers. You will be surprised that the given numbers are  almost always 90% accurate (At least 3 out of 4 digits correct  showing in TOP 3 Prizes).

Seeking 4D Numbers from "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman, is equivalent to the method  used in Kumantong 4D Power. One is seeking Lottery Numbers from Taoist Gods of Wealth, whereas the latter is seeking Lottery Numbers from Kumantongs.

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