This Is Not Pure Taoism?

"Some how I'm looking at awfully strange deities that look like they belong to Buddhism, Hinduism, or some kind of Indigenous Asian religion.

You guys promote WORSHIP OF PIGSY, a FICTIONAL CHARACTER from Journey to the West. Pigsy is not even a real deity in both Taoism or Buddhism, and he's as real as superman or batman. Not only that but you guys promote WORSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST? What the hell? I though this is Taoism, not Christianity! And you guys talk about Mao-Shan and all these other bogus sects that claim to give super cut resistant powers which is nothing more than a knife trick anyone can do.

You guys claim to be Taoist, yet you combine elements from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Folk Religion, CHINESE FICTION, and all this other garbage. I'm Buddhist and even I know this isn't real Taoism!"

1st of All, This is Taoist Sorcery, not Pure Taoist Philosophy. If You don't like to see "Taoism" used in this Term, You may simply call it "Chinese Black Magic".

Many thousands years back,before the influence of Taoism (or Taoist Philosophy), the spiritual practice of the folks from Southern China was purely shamanistic, or better known as Wuism (巫教-Wu Jiao) (Shamanic religious tradition of China).

Let's take 闾山派 (Lǘ Shān Sect) as an example. 闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage) is a very important Southern Branch of Religious Folk Taoism. The origin of 闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage) was from Fujian (福建) Province in China. The initial form of 闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage) was pure shamanic practices known as 闾山法 (Lǘ Shan Shamanism). Before the Song Dynasty, 闾山法 (Lǘ Shan Shamanism) was the original practice in Fujian(闽), Zhejiang(浙), Jiangxi (赣). From the combination of 巫术(Sorcery) 、巫法(Witchcraft)、巫教(Shamanism) and the influence of Taoism , which later form a unique branch of Taoist Sect known as 闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage).

闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage) is an inclusive Taoist Sect, which has adsorb the Taoist spiritual skills of 净明道 (Jing Ming Sect), 正一道(Zheng Yi Sect) etc,and also the Buddhist Spiritual Skills of Zen Buddhism(禅宗), Pure Land Buddhism (净土宗), Tantra Yoga Sect (密宗瑜伽派), Confucian filial loyalty. 闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage) accept many deities readily.  - 闾山派 (Lǘ Shān Sect)

Likewise, due to the willingness and ability of adsorbing the spiritual practices of other faiths, Southern Chinese who migrated to different parts of South East Asia, took their magical skills , such as Southern Mao-Shan Sect (南传茅山派), and combined with the magical skills and spiritual practices of that country that they settled down. - Mao Shan Sect (茅山派)

Inclusive approach to other faiths

* When Buddhism arrived in Ancient China and spread to the common folks in the villages, the Chinese Sorcerers brought in their understanding of Buddhism and Buddhist Magic, and then combined together with Taoist Magic, which then You get to see Taoist Talismans that contains invocation of Buddhas, Guan Yin and Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum.

* When Mao-Shan Magic (茅山法) combine with Thai / Cambodian Magic, it becomes known as Siam-Mao Pai (暹茅派).

* When Southern Chinese migrate to Malaysia, they pray to "Datok Kong" and Taoist Spirit Medium will trance Datok-Tong. - Datuk Gong - Malay Deity of the Chinese

* When Southern Chinese migrate to Singkawang or San Keuw Jong (山口洋) is a city located in the province of West Kalimantan , on the island of Borneo in Indonesia, they met the Dayaks and soon the Dayak Spirit Mediums get together with the Chinese Spirit Mediums during Chap-Gor-Meh Festival to trance their respective deities or spirits.- Cap Go Meh Celebration - Imlek

* When Southern Chinese migrate to Philippines, most of the local folks there were Catholic. The Chinese  took Jesus,Mother Mary, and the Cross into the Chinese Temples to be prayed together in Chinese Style. What You can see here is Chinese has very big heart and they will welcome Your faith with big open arms, provided that You don't condemn our faith or any other peoples' faiths. - Jesus Christ In Taoist Temple

* When Southern Chinese met the Hindus in Malaysia and Singapore, You will get to see Indian Spirit Mediums and Chinese Spirit Mediums come together in Chinese Temple or Make-Shift Temple to trance their own respective deities. - Hindu Procession In Taoist Temple

* If a Chinese Sorcerer moves to Africa and experiences Voodoo, the Chinese Sorcerer will combine Voodoo with Taoist Sorcery and the new form of magic might be called as "Voo-Tao". The beauty of Chinese Folk Religion is it mirrors the social landscape, and takes on different shades for different people.

When Fictitious Characters become Real..

There are several Taoist Deities that derived from Ancient Chinese Fictions. The deity , or spirit, or ghost (If You want to call it this way) will take in the personality and characteristic and possess the Taoism Spirit Medium, to bless the worshippers.

One example, Nezha (哪吒), was a character found in the fiction book, Fengshen Yanyi (封神演义), also known as Feng Shen Bang (封神榜), translated as The Investiture of the Gods, which was a book written during Ming Dynasty. A deity, or ghost, or demon, took on the personality and characteristic of Nezha (哪吒) and possess a Taoist Spirit Medium and bless the worshippers.

Another example, Pigsy is a Demon Character found in the friction book , Xi-You-Ji (西游记) - Journey To The West. Pigsy is not a real deity in both Taoism or Buddhism, and he's as real as superman or batman. In Taoist Sorcery, the Pigsy invoked is Brother Pig Demon - Zhu Ge Shen (猪哥神). It is a ghost, or a demon, who took the personality and characteristic of Pigsy Character and help the man or woman to make their sexual desires come through. Once again, this is Taoist Sorcery (Chinese Black Magic) , not the Pure Taoist Path.- The Taoist Pig God - Pigsy

Another way of understanding of this phenomenon is, when there is a thought-form created from a mind, there will be spiritual energy created. When thousands and millions of minds focus on a particular created character, a real spiritual energy is born. The Taoist Spirit Medium that is possessed by a spirit with Fictitious Character, might be the spiritual energy formed hundreds and thousands years back , or from a ghost or demon, or a real god/deity.

Human Beings have the ability to invoke gods and control spirits

Deities, demons and ghosts have supernatural power. Most of us normal Human Beings don't have supernatural power but We are given the ability to invoke deities and command ghosts and demons to seek help from. If "Pure Taoism", or Your religion can't or not interested to "Play" with spirit entities, Chinese Sorcery can and very interested to dabble with the occult.

In the Book of Master Huai Nan ( 《淮南子》 Huai Nan Zi ), wrote that long time ago when Cang Jie (仓颉) completed the creation of Chinese characters, there was millet falling from the sky, and spirits were crying at night. The reason is that the gods / deities were happy that human beings can call upon them anytime when they need help and the ghosts/demons were sad because human beings can from then on use talismans to control them. It is thus clear that the idea existed long ago that some special Chinese characters were able to impeach and control spirits. - Magical Power of Taoist Talismans

Fake Body Chopping? Or Real Extreme Piercing?
Folks in the west, who have not seen the real extreme piercing performed by Taoist Spirit Medium, will immediately condemn that such performance is fake. The problem is there are many fake Taoist Masters, especially in Hong Kong, who show You the fake body chopping, and then people start to think all Taoist Magic is fake. You need to see for Yourself the real Extreme Body Piercing performance by Taoist Spirit Mediums , in South East Asia , such as Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore and also Taiwan. If You think, You can perform the same fits, You are encourage to poke a sharp metal pole through your cheeks and see what happen.- Taoist Extreme Piercing

How Do I know whether Taoist Sorcery Is Real?
When You start to keep striking and striking and striking Lottery non-stop from the support of a Taoist Wealth Talisman, or Taoist Wealth Ritual , or from a ghost You keep, You can't continue saying that it is "BY LUCK". It is the support from the gods or ghosts. - Kumantong 4D Power

When You keep a Pigsy Talisman , or give someone a Pigsy Talisman Water to drink and suddenly he / she goes wild and horny over You, this is not an coincidence. It is the work of the gods or ghost or demons. - The Taoist Pig God - Pigsy

Chinese / Taoist Sorcery doesn't need to be Pure Taoism
The reason why there are Chinese Folks who expect Taoism to be "Pure Taoism", is due to EGO PROBLEM, just like the Christians. These Chinese will only want to follow the "Proper Path" of Taoism, which is not wrong. However, there is also Taoism Of The Left Path, which You can mix with other faiths to have a unique form of spiritual practices that suit Your personal needs. Nobody is going to stop You. You are OK to mix Taoism with Your own original faith.

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