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My Friend Cheated Away My Money, Can Taoist Sorcery Help?

"I have an ex-business-partner that we venture into a business earlier. He's now owing me quite a large sum of money (About RM100,000). Do you do any service to "make him" at least return some money back to me?"

"One guy cheat my money thru a business scam and make me owe a large sum of money from banks and almost face bankruptcy. I hope to get back my money and make him suffer so that he can't find another victim and now he even sue me to court saying I defamed him. Lawyer see all our agreement and say that guy using all the laws loop holes."

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Often times, the people who cheat on You are the people You trusted the most. Example, Your friends, siblings, cousins, relatives, or even Your own parents.

People are not always robbed at gun-point, they are often robbed in subtle ways that achieve the same goal.

There are evil people who will make use of Your kindheartedness to borrow money from You , with the intention of  not returning back the money, because he /she knows You won't dare to ask him / her back for the money that has borrowed.

In some cases, the victims are  unjustly accused by the cheater and have the victims thrown into jail  instead. The victims not only being cheated away their money, but also have many years stolen from their lives by the evil person. 

There are many cases of  good "friends" who have mentally prepared to cheat You a huge sum of money by asking You to "Joint Venture" into a "Sure Make Money" Business, which by the time You realize it is a scam, he / she is no where to be found.

Cunning as they may be,  Cheaters / Scammers / Thieves cannot stop the victims from seeking help from Sorcery Masters to perform Sorcery Rituals in which they seek help from  Gods and Demons from Heaven and Hell to punish the evil doers.  Celestial Justice is not only swifter than man's justice, the evil person will never able to escape. Heaven only listens to those who are in the right, for the gods know the meaning of justice.

Of course, thieves laugh at rituals, thinking themselves invincible, and do not defend against curses. But this only works to the advantage of the sorcerer, whose rituals are then even more effective.

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