Still Think Taoist Sorcery Is Bullshit? Then Look At This...

Many people, whose lives are still going on smoothly, always condemn all kind of magic spells, including Taoist Sorcery, are bullshits. Only someday, when people face some kind of hardship, then they will search high and low for divine intervention.

Over here look at how the people being rescued financially from the help of the Divine Child Spirits (Kumantongs) kept and trained by Taoist Sorcery Master.

Ang Bao (Token Of Appreciation) Of SGD$1388 was sent to Kumantong 4D Master because his Kumantongs have blessed her to Strike 4D Direct 1st Prize. On the next day, She hit 4D Direct Consolation again and sent Ang Bao Of SGD$38 again.

Initially, she was in debt and couldn't even pay the subscription fee to join Kumantong 4D Power Prediction. She was instructed to pray to the photo of 3 Kumantongs and soon She Strike and Strike with her own personal 4D Prediction again and again, with Kumantongs' Blessings.

Important Note: Kumantongs,  trained by Taoist Sorcery Master, have the ability to  know who are the folks who prayed on the image of them and bless them accordingly.

Many people condemn there is no such thing as ghosts / gods giving lottery numbers, if not, nobody will want to work. These folks should look at the proof of  many successes due to the support of the divine power.

If You think 1 case is "By Luck"..
Here are more proves of winnings by other believers in divine intervention:

All thanks to the old time Taoist Master Sorcerers, who willingly pass down their deep dark secret knowledge of Taoist Sorcery to Taoist Sorcery Master.

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