After the Love Ritual is done, How and When will I see results?

Very often, questions like this pertaining to love rituals, will be asked.

Many people have the wrong thinking mindset, but they cannot be blamed, as they are not told the proper mindset to have before seeking help from the divine.

You might think that by just SPENDING MONEY for ritual, You are expecting to RECEIVE THE LOVE OF SOMEONE immediately, if not the Ritual has failed, or the Spiritual Master is fake.

Remember the song: MONEY CAN'T BUY ME LOVE - By Beatles.

When You buy an electronic product to use, You can expect guarantee that it will work, if not change for another one or ask for refund.

When come to divine intervention on Love Issues, fate still plays a part. You can't have the mindset of "I Spending money already and I expect the guy / girl to be mine by tomorrow".

When You pay a fee, You are paying for the time, energy and the expertise of the Spiritual Master to help You do ritual / cast spell, and not buying the outcome / result.

A good example to describe the same situation:
You got Cancer and You tell doctor after paying for cancer treatment, You are expecting 100% cure / recovery. Doctor will tell You that he will do his best and hope the treatment will cure You but they won't know the outcome, until the future shows by itself, but has no guarantee. You still need to pay for the time, energy and the expertise of the doctor to treat Your cancer, and not paying for the outcome / result.

The Process Of Love After Love Ritual Is Done 
When the deities / divine entities are invoked during the Love Ritual performed by the Spiritual Master, they are notified about Your Love Problem. They will  have to study Your situation and whether both You and him / her are fated. If Yes, the deities / divine entities will help create opportunities to improve the love situation and improve the loving feeling of  Your lover over You, which takes time to build up the emotion. If there is no fate in between You and him / her, deities / divine entities can't do shit for You, even after spending time and energy going through Your case. 

Now, You understand what is going on during the process of love. Some rare lucky folks, win back the love of the girl / guy the next day after Love Ritual is completed. Some folks take weeks or months,  before realising the Love Ritual actually worked.

Nobody know how fast the results show or there will ever be any results. Usually, when you are able to let go of the NEED for results, you'll able to spot them.

Once again, take note that You are paying the fee for the time , energy and expertise of the Spiritual Master and not the final outcome / result. 

The proper mindset You should have when asking for help:


This is the proper mindset: Master, I need Your help and I will pay the fee. Just get the Love ritual / spell done for me and let me get over it.  I will leave the matter to be handled by the divine entities / deities / ghosts and hope for the best. How the results will turn out I will still accept it. Ritual at lease still gives me hope but I will leave it to fate. No matter what the outcome be like, or whether there will ever be an outcome, I will still thank the Spiritual Master and the deities / ghosts for helping me out.

I don't want to pay money when there is no guarantee...
You have the freedom NOT to engage the service of a Spiritual Master. You can still go to a Chinese Temple, light up joss sticks and pray to the deities dealing with Love Issue, but there is no professional help and You won't know whether the deities have heard Your cries.

If You want the Spiritual Master to help You do ritual 1st and pay money later when see results, he will tell You to go and die.

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Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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