Fake Or Real Spiritual Master - How To Differentiate? A Warning for Beautiful Ladies / Women

"I had visited a temple quite a number of times. But recently this guy, who is a Taoist Medium, also had learn Mao Shan Sorcery, had done rituals for me, but the results are getting from bad to worst. He had told me to break up with my Boyfriend before quite a few times but I ignored and he even asked me to quit by job. My friend who visited the same temple suffered the same fate as me. The situation between her and her husband is breaking apart.Her family and business are getting worst as each day passes..."

This article is written as a precaution for the beautiful young ladies / women.

Women in their late 20s and above, have high tendency to attract to spiritual stuffs. The problem is they can't tell what is real or fake. Their brains are cropped up with their immediate problems and the logical thinking process has been blocked.

A genuine Spiritual Master will not take advantage of You monetarily,nor physically. A Spiritual Master, even the Sorcerer type, who practice Black Magic will also always stand by You, and not cast black magic spell on You to take control of You mind.

Fakes Male Spiritual Masters will normally target beautiful girls / ladies / women in distress. If most of their clients / followers are beautiful females, You really need to take precaution.

Signals of fake spiritual masters:
  • Tell You to break up with your boyfriend / husband/ family
  • Tell You to strip naked, in order for him to fondle Your body for ritual purpose
  • Tell You that You need to have sex with him to cure the problems
  • Hidden Fees that never mentioned earlier then suddenly manipulate You to pay up
  • Tell You that all rituals done by him CONFIRM work
  • Tell You that one ritual, after another are needed to continue forever, in order to suck You savings dry
  • Tell You to join his cult
What Genuine Spiritual Masters / Sorcerers do:
  • Will always stand by You
  • Will not cast black magic on You to control You
  • Will never take advantage of You sexually
  • The fee for rituals / casting of spells will be agreed mutually between You and him, without hidden fees
  • Tell You that rituals will be done in his best capability
  • Whether You need extra rituals will be explained to You earlier and depend on Your own free will to choose
  • You are given freedom to engage his service, or free to look for help somewhere else
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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