Can you make Ultimate Gambling (3 In 1) Talisman out of cloth and not papers so i can use it for life?

"Can You help me create Ultimate Gambling (3 In 1)  talisman in cloth , instead of papers? Will the cloth version,like the paper version ones , if i loose three consecutive times i have to burn away? Or will the cloth one work continuously without any problems?"

With repeated request from Die-Hard Followers Of Taoist Sorcery to be created on cloth with no limit, "Ultimate Gambling "3 In1" Talisman is redesigned in Cloth Material and empowered with the power of infinity.

IMPORTANT WINNING TIP: Remember to walk away when You have WIN enough and continue Your WINNING next time. Don't be too greedy.

Ultimate Gambler Talismans (Old Version)

Ultimate Gambling Talismans - Old Version

Ultimate Gambling (3 In 1) Talisman
(Due to rapid requests from die-hard gamblers to have
3 talismans group together into 1 piece of cloth for infinite usage)
Ultimate Gambling (3 In 1) Talisman

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