Secrets of the heart of men and women that only Spiritual Masters know

On the daily life, many people are putting on a fake front to interact with other people. Many people always believe what they see on the surface of other people are the truth. What You see and think of a person, the truth might be the opposite.

Ironically,  people trust a Spiritual Master more than his / her family and friends. People are willing to speak the truth about their deep dark secrets / hopes / wishes to a Spiritual Master. Therefore, what You will never know about the secrets of your closest family members or friends, but the Spiritual might know more than You.

The truth of some ladies / women

Very often, when a lady / woman seeks help from a Spiritual Master, these are the typical reasons

1) Single Woman falls in love with a a Married man. She wants him to break off with his wife and family, so that she can owns him. If she can't achieve her goal by herself, she will resort to Black Magic. She can be that nice, sweet lady / woman You often meet on your daily life. When comes to love, some women can turn evil just to win her lover's heart.

However, no matter how evil a woman might be, she is willing to shorten her own life , or face the future karma / retribution , or willing to throw her life savings away, just to be with the man she loves.

This type of  ritual of making husbands leave the family, only Spiritual Masters Of The Left Path can handle. Spiritual Masters of the Right Path will not entertain.

2) Husband asking for divorce and want to leave the family to be with another woman and wife seek help from a Spiritual Master, hoping to win back husband's heart. This type of case whereby husbands want to leave the family is very rare.

Many people have the thoughts that men are always the evil ones, who will leave the family to havoc outside. The truth is men are often the ones who seek spiritual help because wives want to leave the family to achieve Total Freedom.

This type of ritual to bring back Husbands, Spiritual Masters Of Left or Right Path can handle.

Important Note: When a woman seeks help from a Spiritual Master, she is focusing on one specific man - Boyfriend / Husband or someone she likes / loves. A woman may seek spiritual help to look more attractive  but they never seek spiritual help to be laid around by many men.

The truth of guys / men

Very often, when a guy / man seeks help from a Spiritual Master, these are the typical reasons

1) Wife suddenly ask for divorce and wants to leave the family, include leaving the kids behind. YES! READ AGAIN! Wives seeking divorce! Many people will think there must be something wrong with the husband that wife will want to leave the family, husband and kids.

Surprisingly, the reasons that the wives of these men give are the same - THEY WANT TOTAL FREEDOM.

This is the typical scenario:

Wife went oversea to attend a self-improvement talk ,or her job needs her to work oversea. After a very short while, wife returns home and demands for a divorce because she feels she can be more successful in life by herself,than with the family. Wife has no man outside. There is no 3rd party involvement.

Nowadays, these cases (Wives seeking divorce for Personal Freedom) are very typical in Singapore. In the older generations, when women and men got married, they married for whole life time. No matter how bad the character of the husband or wife, they will endure and stick through thick and thin.

In these modern days, especially in Singapore, young adults get married because their parents force them to get married, and these young adults get married just to follow the traditional custom - "When the time comes, it is time to get married and you better get married" , and children do so half-heartedly in order to shut their parents' mouths.

Here comes the problem Singapore is the crossroad between Chinese Culture and Western Culture. On one side, kids were forced to stick to Chinese Cultural Mindset but the media and society have mold them to follow the Western Cultural Mindset.

When the young men get married, they are expecting their wives to behave like their mothers and grandmothers - Go to work, come back and do the house work and also take care of the kids. When the young women get married, they suddenly realized they got tied down in the family commitment and they were influenced by the western media, that women can also enjoy total freedom and success, without commitment and best is to be on her own.

Spiritual Master of the Left or Right Path are able to do ritual to tame and bring the wives back .

2) Single or Married Men seeking help from a Spiritual Master because they want to attract more ladies / women into their lives. Some men can never be satisfied with just one lady / woman in his life. No matter he is single, has a girlfriend, or already married, he might be targeting one specific lady / woman , or wanting to attract many more ladies / women into his life.

A Spiritual Master of the Left or Right Path may help a single man to improve his "Peach Blossom" Luck in order to attract a lady into his life to get married. 

Only a Spiritual Master of the Left Path will be able to do ritual / create talisman / amulet to help a man (single or married) attract many ladies / women for sexual gains.

Important Note: When a Man seeks help from a Spiritual Master, it is either he wants to find a girl to love, or bring back his wife, or attract many ladies / women into his life.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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