Taoist Love Ritual - Is it Black or White Magic?

Taoist Magic  can be black or white, depends on the situation.

If You seek a Taoist Master to do a ritual to bring back Your wife from the 3rd party guy, the love ritual performed will be considered White Magic Love Ritual.

If You seek a Taoist Sorcerer, to make a girl breaks away from her husband , so that You can own the girl , then  the love ritual performed will be considered Black Magic Love Ritual.

One special example: One man has been abusing his wife physically for very long time and wife wants to get away from her husband and file for divorce, but the husband disagree. At this situation, if a sorcery spell is cast on the husband to influence him to agree to divorce and separate from his wife, then it can be considered as White Magic.

Taoist Masters  perform White Magic
Taoist Masters can only perform White Taoist Magic, as they are only trained in White Taoist Magic,
which invoke Heavenly Deities. Heavenly Deities can only handle proper moral  issues.

Tang-Ki Consultation Service to the public by Taoist Spirit Mediums, known as Tang-Ki (乩童), who are being possessed by Taoist Deities, can only advise You with proper moral values, perform white magic spells and guide You to the proper path. You can't tell the deities that You are seeking help to bed certain girls, or planning to take away some other men's wives.

Taoist Masters  perform White Magic & Black Magic
Taoist Sorcerers can perform White Taoist Magic and Black Taoist Magic. Taoist Sorcerers are trained in both white and black magic, as they can invoke Heavenly Deities and Hell King, Hell Deities, Hell Demons & command ghosts , animal spirits to do evil.

Taoist  Sorcerers are usually trained in  Folk / Southern Mao-Shan Pai (民间/南传 茅山派), Yin Shan Pai (阴山派) , or Gui Shan Pai (鬼山派)。

When Black Magic Is Not Black
Seeking help from Hell King, Hell Deities and Hell Soldiers does not mean it is confirmed Black Magic either. It depends on the situation. If Hell King, Hell Deities and Hell Soldiers are sought after to get rid of the 3rd party guy away from Your wife, it is still considered White Magic.

If You like a girl...
If You like a girl, it is not wise to use Black Magic to force a girl to love you, or else she will possessed by a ghost and turns into zombie-like, with no real feeling on her own.

It is better to use White Magic to influence her to love you naturally.

Final Note:
Taoist Sorcery can do anything, it depends on the heart.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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