Why Must Pay Money For Sorcery Service When There Is No Guarantee?

Many folks have a misconception that a religious person (such as a Buddhist Monk) must be a selfless person , therefore a Taoist Master / Sorcerer  is the same and can be exploited by demanding them  to provide  FREE Ritual Service / FREE Spell Casting / FREE Talismans.

When You have started off with the thought of wanting to have a ritual or casting of spell for You for FREE,  it immediately reflects that You are a CHEAPSKATE.  Humans hate Cheapskates, so do Ghosts. Even Gods / Deities are not interested to help the Cheapskates.

What You need to know:
Taoist Masters  and Taoist Sorcerers are Professionals in their unique field of studies. They started off as novices (cum helpers) and spent many years to  learned their secret knowledge from  a Taoist Master / Sorcerer and gain experience along the way by following and helping his Master. By spending so much time to learn and master the magical skills, DON'T EXPECT a Taoist Master or Taoist Sorcerer is going to provide You FREE Service or FREE Consultation.

Taoist Sorcerers are not Holy Men
Anyway, Taoist Sorcerers are not Holy Men at the 1st place. They mainly do rituals and cast spells for his own benefit , personal well-being and gain the upper-hand in everyday living through the secret knowledge of divine intervention by invoking Deities and summoning ghosts/demons to provide support  or seek revenge respectively.

Taoist Sorcerers have no interest in helping the public and at most, they help his own immediate family members and close friends only and always keep a low profile, without wanting any publicity. Folks who have the fate to seek help from a Taoist Sorcerer are usually through words-of-mouth or introduced by their close friends, or landed on a website like this. A Taoist Sorcerer will charge You  a very high fee accordingly if You insist he helps You solve Your personal issues, make your dreams come true or help You seek revenge / payback on someone / enemy.

Taoist Masters openly promote and provide their spiritual services to "help" the Public for a fee. They love the publicity.

When You Ask Why Must Pay Money...
When You ask "Why must pay money before the result is shown?"  or "Why must pay money when there is no guarantee that it will work?", it is like asking a Doctor: "Why must pay money when there is no guarantee I will be 100% cured" and asking a Lawyer: "Why must pay money when there is no guarantee that my case will win?".

Only buying of electronic products will provide You Guarantee and Warranty. Professional Services have no guarantee. Divine intervention depends on fate.

Like Doctors and Lawyers, Taoist Master / Sorcerer is a Profession...

You pay Doctors even when You don't recover. You pay Lawyers even You lose the case.

Taoist Master / Sorcerer will definitely charge You money for consultation / spells / rituals and for his time , energy and expertise, plus the money he needs to spend on the ritual materials, and also charge You money to have talismans created and empowered for You , even if the ritual / spell doesn't work to Your expectation.

To own a Genuinely Powerful Taoist Talisman, a Taoist Master or Sorcerer need to spend time , energy and his expertise to draw / write / create the Talisman and empowering it through a proper activation ritual , one Talisman at a time. Therefore, You will need to pay money to own it.


If You still insist only FREE service,  You are still in luck. You may visit a Temple that provide Tang-Ki (Taoist Spirit Medium) Worship. Consultation in a Temple by a Tang-Ki is usually by donation in any amount of money You feel like giving in the Donation Box after the consultation. Even if You are not interested to donate or no money to donate, the Deity will not scold or punish You.

The only setback is consultation with a deity ( in trance of a Spirit Medium) is that You cannot seek help in revenge / payback  or casting black magic on someone. Revenge / Payback / Black Magic can only be done through a Taoist Sorcerer , which You will have to pay a high fee for it.

Duty of a Taoist Master / Sorcerer
The duty of a Taoist Master / Sorcerer is that he puts his heart / mind and soul to Cast Spell / Do Ritual for You, in order to invoke particular Deity (or Ghost) or few of Deities (or ghosts / demons) to guide You Solve Your problems / Seek Revenge / Payback and Hopefully You Wishes Will Come True. Whether Your personal issues can be solved, Taoist Master / Sorcerer has no say because he is just a middle-man between You and the deities ( or ghosts / demons). You are paying him money for his time , energy and expertise, plus the money he needs to spend on the ritual materials to have Your problems solved or dreams come true.

You Have The Rights
Taoist Master / Sorcerer doesn't owe You a living and nobody force You to engage a service from a Taoist Master / Sorcerer. The best thing to do is to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN LIFE by Yourself. If You insist on wanting help from a particular Taoist Master / Sorcerer, then he has the rights to charge You money for his time, energy and expertise.

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Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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