All Feng Shui Masters Are Fake And Money Suckers?

"If the Feng Shui Master really got the magical power, still need to sell amulets for a living?"

"Why still got people believe in amulets that could change their life for the better? Are they stupid or what?"

"If amulets give luck, why the sellers don't keep for himself but to sell his luck away?"

"If amulets can help people to be rich, then nobody will be poor already"

Many people thought that a Feng Shui Master is the same as Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer or Thai Amulet Seller, and any Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer or Thai Amulets Seller is confirmed a Feng Shui Expert, which is wrong.

The truth is Feng Shui and Taoist Magic / Sorcery are 2 different schools of knowledge. Most Feng Shui Masters (especially from the Western Countries) don't know anything about Taoist Magic / Sorcery but Taoist Masters / Taoist Sorcerers might be an expert in Feng Shui as well.

Taoist Sorcery includes magical rituals / talismans/ spiritual items to improve or destroy Feng Shui. Spiritually-Activated Objects to destroy Good Feng Shui or create Bad Feng Shui is known as Gong Tau (降头), which are often use for revenge purposes, such as making enemies' life miserable (sicknesses and accidents) or destroy rivals' family / businesses.

"Feng Shui" Items Sellers & Thai Amulets Sellers are neither Feng Shui Masters, nor Taoist Masters / Sorcerers.

Many people don't understand what is Feng Shui

Many people think that Feng Shui is simply about buying "Feng Shui" Items and then place them on display at certain locations in the house, or office and immediately wealth will follow and become rich the next day.

Many people thought "Feng Shui" Items are the same like any other Spiritual Items, just like Thai Amulets and Taoist Talismans, which contain magical power, which is not.

Some people open "Feng Shui" Shops to sell "Feng Shui" Items and then self-proclaim he / she is a Feng-Shui Master. Likewise, many people thought "Feng Shui" Items Sellers are Feng Shui Masters.

"Feng Shui" Items are not Spiritual Objects

Spiritual Objects, such as Thai Amulets and Taoist Talismans may be used for improving or destroying Feng Shui purpose. However, "Feng Shui" Items (that are not spiritually activated) are just ordinary objects put on display to make You feel good.

Ordinary folks always keen to listen to Free advice from "Feng Shui" Shop Owners / Assistants to keep on buying more and more "Feng Shui" Items to decorate their home and office, which don't serve any purpose.

Most of the time, 'Feng Shui' Products Sellers and Thai Amulets Sellers are just sales people / shop assistants. They are never trained in any spiritual / sorcery skills, nor Feng Shui.

"Feng Shui" Items need to be spiritually activated by Taoist Master / Sorcerer before it has magical power to improve or destroy Feng Shui.

Real Feng Shui, Real Feng Shui Disciples & Real Feng Shui Masters

A Real Feng Shui Disciple, before becoming a Master himself, usually spends about 10 years or more study under a Feng Shui Master to learn and study ancient Feng Shui Texts (written by the ancient Feng Shui Masters) and follow a Feng Shui Master by his side, while doing Feng Shui Audits to gain real-life experiences.

From the very beginner level, a Feng Shui Student needs to understand every details of a Feng Shui Compass (罗盘 - Luo Pan) and learn how to operate it.

The complexity of a Feng Shui Compass (罗盘 - Luo Pan) will already scare away most people from learning Real Feng Shui.

Imagine having to spend 10 to 20 years learning Real Feng Shui without earning a single cent, how many people have the time to wait so long to become a Real Feng Shui Master, which then qualify him / her to charge money for Feng Shui Audit?

Examples of Feng Shui Classics
  • 青囊经 (Qing Nang Jing) - The Green Sachet
  • 雪心赋 (Xue Xing Fu) - Snow Heart
  • 入地眼 (Ru Di Yan) - Entering Earth Eye
  • 地理五诀 (Di Li Wu Jue) - Earthly Principles 5 Verses
  • 撼龙经 (Han Long Jing) - The Classic of Challenging the Dragon
  • 疑龙经 (Yi Long Jing) - The Classic of Spying the Dragon
  • 葬经 (Zang Jing) - The Burial Book
  • 天玉经 (Tian Yu Jing) - The Heavenly Jade Classic
  • 青囊序 (Qing Nang Xu) - Preface to the Green Satchel Classic
  • 青囊奥语 (Qing Nang Ao Yu) - Delving into the Green Satchel Classic
  • 玄空秘旨 (Xuan Kong Mi Zhi) - Secrets of Time and Space
  • 玄机赋 (Xuan Ji Fu) - Ode to Mysiticism
  • 都天宝照经 (Du Tian Bao Zhao Jing) - A Treatise of Form and Formula
  • 沈氏玄空学 (Shen's Xuan Kong Xue) - Master Shen's Time-Space Feng Shui School
  • 紫白诀 (Zi Bai Jue) - The Secret of the Purple and White Stars
  • 飞星赋 (Fei Xing Fu) - Ode to Flying Stars
  • etc
Now You understand why some people take the easier route to quickly make money by selling "Feng Shui" Items (which are not spiritually activated) instead. A lot of Feng Shui Magazines from the western countries are about buying "Feng Shui" Items.

Not many people are able to afford the service fee (or willing to pay the high fee) of a Real Feng Shui Master, who spend 10 to 20 years to learn and master his trade. The fee for Feng Shui Audit by a Real Feng Shui Master on a construction site for a Business Building , can easily between USD$20,000 and USD$50,000 or above.

The Rich Chinese Magnates know the importance of good Feng Shui and they are willing to pay super high fee to engage Professional Feng Shui Experts to do Feng Shui Audits on their business buildings , own homes and ancestors' graves.

The mindset of a typical ordinary folk who bought a "Feng Shui" Item and then nothing happen

He / She bought a "Feng Shui" Item (thinking that it is a spiritual item) and place it in the house and expect to win the Lottery the next day and everyday, but then nothing happen.

Life never change for the better and he / she starts blaming that all Feng Shui is crap, all Feng Shui Masters are fake who are out there to suck people's money and feel that people who believe in Feng Shui or seek Feng Shui Masters for help are stupid, just because he / she simply has no clue of what Real Feng Shui is.

Some folks think that the more expensive a "Feng Shui" item is, the more powerful the object is magically. Some people paid few thousands over dollars for a single "Feng Shui" Item but still.. nothing positive happen.

Remember: A "Feng Shui" Item is not a Spiritual Item, so don't expect it to work in a magical way.

In fact, if You just want to STRIKE THE LOTTERY ( 4D , Toto, Pick 3, Pick 4, Lotto, Bingo etc), You don't need Feng Shui, You need Taoist Sorcery. Feng Shui can help but takes time. If You are desperate, You should ask Gods or Ghosts directly for help (through a ritual, keep a wealth talisman, or ghost kid) and usually, results are immediate.

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People still need their skills and expertise

When people don't need (or not yet need) the service of a Feng Shui Master, or even a Taoist Master / Sorcerer , people will think all of them are charlatans trying to make some quick bucks by bluffing people. These non-believers will advise You not to believe in these "charlatans".. but when they personally face serious problems themselves which no human efforts can help, they will go around begging Feng Shui Masters / Taoist Masters / Taoist Sorcerers or any spiritual masters for help and worship them as Gods.

Genuine Feng-Shui Masters, Taoist Masters, Taoist Sorcerers or any other Spirtitual Masters still exist because many people still need and believe in their spiritual skills and expertise and willing to pay for it.

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