Peeing on the ghosts and lessons learned

This ghost story was told by my father.

This is real incidence happened in the 1950s in Singapore.

Last time in the 1950s, father knew one uncle who had a Bagua (8 Trigram) being Tattooed on his belly. His nick name was Uncle 'Ba Gua'.

This Uncle 'Bagua' had a super natural ability, which was the ability to see ghosts. He was borned with Yin Yang Eyes - Clairvoyant eyes (3rd Eyes) that can see ghosts.

One unlucky night, while he was walking along the track towards his kampong (village) house, he happened to see 2 ghost children on the side of the track.

The 2 ghost children noticed that he was able to see them and were scared. They glided away and hide inside the bushes .. Dad's friend gave chase after the 2 ghosts.

Uncle 'Bagua' able to spot them . He moved toward the 2 ghosts and purposely PEE'ed on the ghosts as entertainment. The ghosts cried and he laughed.

On the same night, while he was sleeping, he suddenly had a high fever. The high fever didn't dissapear after 1 month and his health continue to deteriorate, even after taking medicine.

He felt something was not right and might be caused by being 'attacked by dirty things'. He decided to visit a Chinese Temple and consult a Taoist Spirit Medium.

After providing his name and date of birth etc, the deity (in trance of a spirit medium) did some calculation with his fingers and said to him "Heaven was punishing You. For no reason, You went to PEE'ed on 2 little ghosts for what?".

Deity told him to go back to apologise to the 2 ghosts and do prayer offering at the same spot where he PEED'ed on them.  After doing prayer offering, he recovered from his physical suffering.

Lessons learned from the story:

  • Ghosts can be scared of humans, not just humans can be scared of ghosts
  • Do not bully ghosts, if they do You no wrong
  • Heaven is watching Your every moves (举头三尺有神明, 人在做天在看)
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