Different Taoist Love Magic Rituals for different Love Issues

In Taoist Sorcery, there are different types of Love Talismans / Rituals to work on different love problems. Different deities or spirit entities are invoked to seek help to deal with different type of love issues.

'Love Bonding' Ritual

When a couple are still in a romantic relationship, it is the best time to do a Love Bonding Ritual. This is to prevent Your darling suddenly drift apart and stop loving You. Usually,  loving couples never ever think that  someday sooner or later, they  are going to break up or later one of them is going to leave You for another person.  Often time, if someone recommend them to do a Love Binding Ritual, they will tell You... "Love Magic is BULLSHIT" ,  see how lovey-dovey they are, why is there a need for a Love Magic Bullshit? Until Your lover has left You for another person, then You come crying for help.

'Lover Returns' Ritual

Very often, when someone come begging Taoist Sorcery Master for help, it is because his / her lover suddenly lost interest in him / her, or already left him / her.  'Lover Returning' Ritual is done to help Your ex-lover returns back to You once again.

If there is 3rd Party involved, then there might be a need to do a 'Break Up Couple' Ritual. If don't want to do 'Break Up Couple' Ritual and only do 'Lover Returns' Ritual, Your man / woman might return back to You and yet having another lover on the other side , meaning 2 timing.

'Break Up Couple' Ritual / 'Break up Husband and Wife' Ritual

'Break Up Couple' Ritual can be either a Right Path Magic (White Magic) or Left Path Magic (Black Magic).

Normally, 'Break Up Couple' Ritual is done before or after 'Lover Returns' Ritual, or at the same time. If do 'Break Up Couple' Ritual alone without 'Lover Returns' Ritual, Your man / woman might break up with the 3rd party but may not come back to You.

Examples of using Right Path Version of 'Break Up Couple' Ritual: 

1) Someone took away Your boyfriend / girlfriend, or took away Your  husband / wife. You want them to break up. For this type of situation, Right Path Version of  'Break Up Couple' Ritual is executed.

2) If  You are in an abusive / violent relationship and wish to get out from the relationship but the other party doesn't want to leave You,  Right Path Version of  'Break Up Couple' Ritual is executed.

3) If You (as a parent), notice that You son / daughter is suffering  from an abusive / violent relationship and wish to see them break apart for good, then it is highly recommend to do Right Path Version of 'Break Up Couple' Ritual.

When 'Break Up Couple' Ritual is considered Left Path ( Black Magic Version)

You love someone who is already someone else's  girlfriend / boyfriend, or is already someone's husband / wife. You want them to break up and that man / woman end up becoming Your  lover, then do a Left Path Version of 'Break Up Couple' Ritual. It can be done but the fee to do such Left Path Ritual (Black Magic Version) is very expensive.

Usually  Taoist Sorcery Master is unwilling to do 'Break up Couple' Ritual , unless Your man / woman have mentioned that they don't have feeling for that other person anymore, or is in an abusive / violent relationship and wish to get rid of that boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife  to be with You.

When 'Break Up Couple' Ritual is successful - Do 'Lover Returns' Ritual

When 'Break Up Couple' Ritual is successful, meaning the couples indeed have broken up and left each other, it is time to do 'Love Returning' Ritual and also 'Love Bonding' Ritual. If not, after they broken up, Your man / woman might not return back to You but proceed to another new relationship, which is not with YOU.

'Break Up Couple' Ritual and 'Love Returns' Ritual can be done together at the same time.

Enhancing Love Bonding Ritual / Speeding Up + Add On Power Ritual

When the lover is back to Your arms and You still want to "upsize" , "upgrade" , "add on", then You may do Extreme Love Bonding Ritual. This  will depend on individual's own financial budget. Some rich folks want to do as many rituals as possible to safeguard own lover from seperating.

Some rich folks will go for the extreme, having several types of  love rituals to be done at the same time to speed up the positive outcome.


Right Path Love Magic Ritual is mostly seeking help from heavenly deities and the fee is cheaper compare to Left Path  Love Magic Ritual. Left Path  Love Magic Ritual is very expensive and often seek help from spirit entities , such as "5 ghosts" of Taoist Sorcery.

Do a 'Love Bonding' Ritual early when  You and Your lover are still in love right now to prevent Your lover from leaving You later on. This way, You don'y have to end up having to do 'Love Returning Ritual, 'Break Up Couple' Ritual  and then the ' Love Bonding' Ritual later on.

Take note:  Different people have different unique love problems. Kindly, email Taoist Sorcery Master for consultation and let him do a study on Your love issues and check whether You can afford the fee for the recommended rituals.  Short inquiries is free. Long discussion will be charged consultation fee.

Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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