"Is there a way to compel HIM to make love with me ONLY?" - Gay Guy

"My guy friend and I are much closer now! Anyway, he is still abit skeptical on male-male (homosexual) relationship so, sometimes he will wander off and "test" it with someone else (both guys and girls), which confuses me. I wonder is there a way to compel him to just cross the line one time to make love with me ONLY? How far can one get after "Gay Love" ritual is done? How long will it last? How do one judge that the things is going too far or not yet? How to value if such deeds will hurt one's karma or not? Don't really get what would happen if a person Karma is hurt." - Gay Guy

After using spell / ritual to influence a straight guy to  be sexually attracted to You (Guy), he wanders off to "test" it with both the males and females. This is considered normal. The person has his 1st taste of male-male relationship with You, therefore he is too excited and overwelmed with the new found experience.  He is comparing the 2 different sexual feelings. It may takes few weeks for him to settle down his mind. His new behaviour is showing that the "gay love" ritual is taking effect.

When a ritual show positive sign, You can let the future takes it own timing. If you want to fast forward the results, You can request for a booster ritual. A boosting ritual shall be executed only if the previous ritual  show positive signs. 

If a ritual show positive signs of working well, it may last forever.

Do take note that Spells / Rituals to influence a stright guy to become a gay, or attract to guys, may not always work.  It still depends on his own fate.

Rituals pertaining to Love / Lust / Sex Issues can be either "Hope it can come true" or "Force it to come true".

Using rituals to hope for it to come true doesn't need to worry about karma. Using ritual to force it to come true, meaning controlling someone's mind to love you, or have sex with You (by controlling ghosts and demons, insect spirits ec to take over someone's mind), will have to face the retribution in future.

Rituals by Taoist Sorcery Master  is to seek help from the deities, ghosts / spirits and HOPE that Your desires will come true but doesn't mean 100% will come true, therefore You don't have to worry about Your karma / retribution. However, there is still a high chance that Your DEESIRE WILL COME TRUE.

Take Note: After ritual is done, if there is no sign of positive results,  there is no refund of fee.

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