I'm a Gay - Do you have a ritual that can make another or any man I desire to be my sex slave?

"I'm gay (Man like Man), May I know since i am a homosexual, do you have a ritual that can make another or any man i desire to be my slave? The target may or may not be homosexual (uncertain of his sexual orientation) ,or / and , Do you have a very extremely powerful ritual for sex that can be seen effective in a short time? Something that will make the guy (uncertain of his sexual orientation) want to have and think about having sex with me only. Please let me know what is needed for the above Rituals / Spells / Talismans. What is the price / fee to pay to use such rituals / Spells / Talismans and how much is it to engage such services?" - Gay Guy

The cheapest available solution for Gay Love Issue is to keep a "Gay Love" Talisman.

A "Gay Love" Talisman can..
1) Attract other gays to like You
2) Improve fate to meet other gays in Your life
3) Instant Sexual Attraction with other gays

A "Gay Love" Ritual is need to be done if a specific guy is involved.  "Gay Love" Ritual is to invoke Gay Love Deity (Taoist Rabbit God) to help bind a gay guy with another guy together for love or for sex, or both.

The specific targeted guy might be a gay or straight. Using Taoist Sorcery rituals / spells to influence a straight guy to become a gay, or don't mind a guy-guy relationship, will takes awhile to take effect. Sometime, it might not work out, which still depend on the fate of the guy.  This is a special ritual by itself. After going through "Turn a straight person into gay" Ritual, it will then follow up by a "Gay Love Bonding" Ritual.  Usually, 2 rituals can be done concurrently.

Taoist Sorcery of the Left Path are always ready to adapt, create and change spells accordingly to handle any unique issues. There is no limit to invoke / call-upon any types of deities , ghosts or demons to work on socially accepted norms or morally incorrect matters.

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Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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