If wealth amulets / talismans work, then nobody needs to work already? - That's a Possibility

"Why still got people believe in amulets that could change their life for the better? Are they stupid or what?"

"If amulets give luck, why the sellers don't keep for himself but to sell his luck away?"

"If amulets can help people to be rich, then nobody will be poor already"

People who don't believe in spiritual power are usually:
  1. In their early 20s 
  2. Still studying full time and no need to work
  3. Still in National Service and no need to work
  4. Still depends on parents  for money and no need to work
  5. They are already doing very well with their life  - High Paid Job
  6. They only believe in working hard to earn money
  7. They never personally experienced spiritual help before
  8. Even if they happened to know some people achieved financial success through spiritual means, they will not dare to try out themselves and prefer to call it "By Luck Only"
The true facts about Real Thai Amulets  and Taoist Talismans 

Yes, indeed there are folks who keep Spiritual items or seek help from spirit entities have been winning the Lottery constantly but they keep their winnings a secret, never go around boasting to their friends.

There are even folks who keep on striking lottery almost every week until they are so scared and quickly return the spiritual items back to the spiritual masters, or send off the spirit entities away.

Will non-believers ever get to experience the same feeling?


Not everyone can be blessed

To receive help from spirit entities / spiritual items, firstly, the person must be fated with them.

Folks who never need to worry about money problems, relationship problems or whatever problems and living on earth is like living in heaven, or treat own-self as god, therefore will never be fated with spirit entities or spiritual items.

People belong to the next group are those who prefer to depend on themselves to work hard, even if there are short-cuts to financial riches through spiritual means. Even if they face serious troubles / problems with money / love etc and when no humans can help them, they choose to commit suicide and still never believe or never think of such thing as "spiritual guidance".

Some people believe in the occult but never dare to dabble with it. They are worried about the "Pay Back" Issue.

The Lucky Few

These are the folks who readily believe in spiritual entities  and fall in love with spiritual items. They always seek help and support from the spirit entities on whatever endeavors they partake.

Very often, folks of this group receive financial windfalls through lottery winnings , have an easier life through spiritual means but prefer to keep a low-profile, or act the opposite (act poor).  They don't go around blowing trumpets.

These blessed folks keep spiritual items (amulets / talismans) secretly , pray to spirit entities secretly and seek help from spiritual masters secretly, because they know people will bad-mouth them or feel jealous.

The late comers..

Late comers are people who use to condemn spiritual items and look down on people who believe in them. Unluckily, now they have to face serious problems, be it money or love issues.

Typical Cases:
  • Fired / Retrenched from their jobs. Throw resumes and after 1 year or 2 , still can't get a job. Savings running dry, or already borrow money from family members, friends and even loans-sharks.
  • Owe credit card debts and no money to pay even the minimum sum  
  • Wish to start business but no money to begin with
  • Business not doing well
  • Suddenly own-self fall sick, or family members fall sick, need to stay in hospital and can't pay hospital bills.
  • Need to pay housing loan, not enough money to pay, need to stay on the street soon
  • Can't get the man / woman he / she likes / loves 
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend wants to break up
  • Husband / Wife cheating
  • Husband / Wife seeking divorce
  • Wish to Strike Lottery but never strike before
  • etc

They ask family members, relatives and friends for help but they themselves also have money problems, so can't help. Before they decided to commit-suicide, they realize maybe gods and ghosts are real and they might help.

This is the time, they let go of their ego / pride and seek help from the other side. True enough, their prayers are answered and from then on they will forever believe in spiritual  entities (deities , ghosts, spirits etc ) and spiritual items.

Important Note: The worst type of problem is financial problem. When You seek help from a Spiritual Master, You still need to pay money to have the master help You create and empower a spiritual item, or pay money to do ritual for You but at this time, You can't afford to even pay for his / her service.

The spiritual master doesn't need your money to survive but will still charge You money for his time, energy, his skills & expertise to do ritual or create spiritual items (Amulets / Talismans) for You.

Spiritual Masters don't need You, You need them.

How will a person be blessed immediately?

People who are blessed immediately are those who fall in love with their spiritual items (amulets / talismans) with 100% faith and trust. They never question whether the spiritual items will ever fail to work. From their hearts, they already know it will definitely work.

The minute they see an amulet / talisman, they immediately feel the immense magical power in it and wanted it badly and willingly pay money to own it, or request the spiritual master to create and empower the same type of amulet or talisman for him / her.

How will I be blessed?

When You face serious financial problems and genuinely need help from the spiritual side (deities, ghosts, spirits etc) by keeping amulets / talismans / ghost kids, or go through a wealth ritual, or consult a Taoist Spirit Medium, You will be amazed that Your prayers keep coming true, such as keep winning the Lottery (4D / Toto etc) at least 2 to 3 times per month, always striking on TOP 3 Prizes. You will be cursing yourself why You never start keeping /using/ playing with spiritual items earlier but only now, or else You would have reached Your financial goals many years ago.

The money You gain from winning the lottery are able to help You clear off Your debts and still have a lot of money left in Your bank, which You use it to re-invest, such as setting up other streams of incomes.

Why the  wealth spirit entities or spiritual items ( amulets / talismans) have stop helping me to strike the Lottery?

At some point of time, gradually You may realized You have not been striking lottery as much as last time. By then, You already have money coming from many other sources.

You don't need to depend on lottery to help You survive anymore. Even if You strike Lottery again, You feel numb about it already. The spirit entities will move on to focus their help to improve Your multiple streams of incomes and help You think of new ideas to generate more new sources of incomes.

"If  Thai Amulets & Taoist Talismans are so good why the sellers never buy lottery for themselves and strike for themselves..." 

Taoist Masters / Sorcerers , or other spiritual masters indeed have been striking Lottery for themselves but not interested to show off.  Therefore, non-believers never know the truth.

Some Amulets Sellers, who also keep their own personal wealth amulets, have been striking lottery constantly for themselves.

Only non-believers never get to know and never experience the truth.

"If the amulets are good, why don't the sellers keep for themselves but to sell away their luck?" 

Because there are unlimited supply of amulets and good things must share. Thai Spiritual Masters will continue to create and empower new supply of amulets, so that other believers can be blessed as well.

A Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer will create and empower a Wealth Talisman when a  believer needs one. There is no limit.

"If everybody keep amulets / talismans and become rich, then nobody needs to work already" 

Most people will never believe in spirit entities and spiritual items, therefore they will forever work hard for money on the job they dislike.

If  everybody believes in amulets / talismans, indeed everybody will strike the lottery easily to help them pay off debts and have a lot more money to be able to start investing and start several businesses, instead of working in a miserable job.

There are folks who have depended on spirit entities and spiritual items to win the lottery many times, which help them to pay off their huge debts and after that keep on winning to accumulate a lot more cash, which enable them to bring own families for holidays and  also for investment, or setup businesses.

Gods and Ghosts want to help You badly

Gods and Ghosts are always on standby and ready to help You. Helping You to solve Your predicaments are their duties in the spiritual realm, which help them to gain merits and good karma.

The problem is far too many people don't believe in spiritual guidance.  If You deny the existence of gods and ghosts and never seek their help, they will feel worthless.

You just need to know where to seek help and how to pray. If not, engage a spiritual master (Taoist Sorcery Master) to do for You.

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