Why this child ghost is behind me and how do I stop it from following me?

"I want to know why this child ghost is behind me and how do I stop it from following me"

"Have You gone for an abortion before?"

"Yes, long time ago."

"He is your aborted child. He has nowhere to go. You may accept him , or do a ritual to liberate him."

"How do I do that? Accept him or liberate him. I taught it was a girl?"

"Ok..  so accept her, or liberate her through a ritual.  There are Taoist Talismans and Rituals for your case, but as you know the fee is expensive, or You may seek help from a Taoist Master or Buddhist Master in your country for help."

"I have been struggling with a strange illness. I was diagnosed of having herpes 1 & 2 few years ago. It is not a skin disease but, something inside me that has destroy my cells.  Herpes virus that cause sore on the lips and private part. Also bacterial infection that lives in my reproductive tract causing me to smell and sweat excessively all over my body.

" Yes, I understand.  It is sexual disease. Your symptoms are due to the karma of abortion."

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Yin Ling (婴灵) is the term in Chinese , referring to the spirit /soul of an unborn infant /baby, due to abortion, stillbirth, miscarriage, early death of a baby that is just born.

Yin Ling (婴灵) is also known as fetus ghost, baby ghost, baby spirit, spirit of aborted child etc.

Most of the Western Folks are Christians , Protestants, Catholics and do not believe in Yin-Ling , Karma and Reincarnation. When they face paranormal activities caused by  the spirit of aborted child, they don't know how to handle it.

For the Chinese, they know that when a fetus is aborted, the soul of the baby cannot goes to heaven, or return back to hell and not yet time for another rebirth, because of this reason, the Yin-Ling will continue to linger on earth and usually will stay by the mother's side.

Without giving the chance to be born as human, the Yin-Ling is full of hatred and resentment towards his / her mother , or father and family members and jealousy towards human siblings. Yin Ling will creates trouble, havoc to the immediate family members.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to mother is difficulty to conceive again, aches of back and waist, suffering from gynecological diseases, diseases of uterus and ovary, and strange diseases etc.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to father is constantly facing problems in career / job, accident prone, financial losses, being cheated , health problems.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to family members are constant quarrels between family members.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to human siblings  are causing them to be accident prone, inattentive in school, no interest in studies. The worst case is causing early death to the human siblings due to health issues, accident or suicide.

There are many similar cases whereby the Yin-Ling shows their presence in front of the mother, father or family members. Children in the family were seen chatting and playing with "someone" - The soul of Aborted Baby.

The "Aborted Child Spirits Liberation" Ritual - 婴灵超度法会

The way to dissolve the hatred and resentment of the Yin-Ling and help to liberate the Yin-Ling is to go through the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual - 婴灵超度法会.

In Buddhism, for the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual, monks recite the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna (地藏菩萨本愿经).

In Taoism, for the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual, Taoist Priests / Masters will recite the "Tai Shang San Sheng Jie Yuan Miao Jing" Scripture (太上三生解怨妙经). Taoist Talismans and other prayer materials, joss papers, paper effigies and models  are also used during the Liberation Ritual.

"Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual (婴灵超度法会) is usually done once a year as a major event in the temples, during the Hungry Ghost Month (Chinese Lunar 7th Month).

The individual fee for  "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual, done yearly at the Chinese Temples, will be cheap as it is a mass events whereby thousands of folks are paying the fees together.

If it is special request to be done privately, it will be expensive, from few hundreds to few thousand dollars, depend on the different ritual fee of  different Taoist Masters.

Since there is no such thing as "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual (婴灵超度法会) in the Western Countries, and no Christian / Catholic Churches offer such services, Western Folks shall seek help from a Taoist Master from oversea and pay the fee for the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual to liberate the souls of their aborted babies.

Talisman To Stop The Spirit Of Aborted Child From Causing Troubles & Send Off For Rebirth

Often times, the continuous disturbances, mischief and havoc, created by the Yin Ling (婴灵) , are too much for You to bare.  Luckily,  there is a quick remedy to stop the Child Spirit to mess up Your life, which is to burn 3 pieces of "Stop Yin Ling (婴灵) From Causing Troubles and Send Off  For Rebirth" Talismans.  One talisman is to be burnt at the Bedroom, another one at the main door of Your home and  last  one is to be burnt at the  ground altar of earth god.

Take Note: This is just temporary measure. The talismans are used to invite Goddess of the Ninth Heaven - (九天玄女 - Jiu Tian Xuan Nu) to receive the Soul Of Aborted Child and wait for his / her time for the next rebirth. You still need to let the spirit of aborted child to go through "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual - 婴灵超度法会 and You need to sincerely repent the mistake of abortion, in order to lessen his /her hatred and resentment to reduce the future karmic debt between You and the Aborted Child.

Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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