I am going NS. What shall I carry to protect myself from ghosts and dangers in Army Training?

Very often, You get to hear / read from the news that NS Man ( National Service Man) / Sign-On Regular just died or is permanently disabled during their training. There are far more similar cases not reported in the news.

Many Young Folks never know they can actually tap into the power of spiritual beings any time when they need. The "Modern Educated" Parents have no clue as well ,therefore their children has no knowledge about it too.

All kind of accidents can be prevented if You always carried a Taoist "Protection" Talisman during Your Army Training or if You are participating in any dangerous sports ( Rock Climbing, Mountain Expedition, Jungle Tracking etc) and if You are working in dangerous Environment ( Shipping, Airplane, Construction Sites, Oil Rigging etc).

A Genuine Taoist Talisman, created by a Taoist Master, will have deities inform You through Your gut feeling that danger is near and leave the place immediately and also the Taoist Talisman will protect You from injury.

A Thai Buddhist Takrut ( Or Tang-Kar), usually copper material, will turn hot and notify You that danger is near and You need to leave the place immediately. The Takrut or Tang-Kar will protect You from injury.

Many kids (with westernized education and know-it-all syndrome) will say such "spiritual-stuffs" are mere superstition. Someday when You become disabled, or Your love one died from an accident then You will regret not knowing the power of a talisman or amulet.

Some "Know-It-All" Adults will say "Insurance is enough".
The truth is.. In term of Protection, Spiritual Protection is more important than Insurance. What is so great about having money from insurance policy to pay for hospital bills and initial survival money, when You become disabled?

If You are going for NS, already in NS or already a Regular, or You are working in dangerous environment ( shipping, oil rigging) , don't be stubborn.. protect Yourself with a Genuine Powerful Talisman or Genuine Powerful Amulet created by a Genuine Spiritual Master.

If You are school going Kids and Teenagers, going for rock climbing, mountain expedition , jungle tracking or any dangerous sports... ask the parents or older folks in Your family to get You a Powerful Taoist Talisman or Powerful Buddhist Amulet.

One problem is... most Paper Talismans You get from Big Temples in Singapore are printed version and has no spiritual power at all. Not like in Taiwan and Malaysia, Genuine Powerful Taoist Talismans are widely available.

Getting a Genuine Powerful Taoist Talisman is hard to come by nowadays in Singapore. Most Taoist Spiritual Masters have passed away and their secret knowledge is not passed down to the next generation, either because the new generations don't believe in Spiritual Power or totally not interested to learn Taoist Magic.


You can be very stubborn and say it is OK to be physically disabled and that talisman and amulet is mere superstition and there is no such thing as Spiritual Power ...but don't laugh yet.... WHAT IF IT REALLY HAPPENED TO YOU? Don't forget, Who will take care of Your family members when You are permanently disabled or died in the accident?


Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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