Can I put spiritual items from different religions together on my Altar?

Asians like to pray to as many deities as possible. They have the freedom to pray  to whatever or whoever they like. The idea is to receive as many blessings from different deities from all religions that can be found on earth. - 有神就拜 (Is Deity - Will Pray).

The same question that often pop-up is whether an individual can worship different deities or place their images or statues of different religions together. To a Taoist, Buddhist or Hindu, the answer is YES. To the Christians, the answer is NO.

The beauty of Taoism , Buddhism and Hinduism is they respect all religions and able to blend with one another easily. Nowadays, spiritual items, such as talismans and amulets, can be found to have combination of  spiritual wordings originated from different religions.

Tips to place and arrange deities of different religions together..

Place the deity statues according to their ranking in heaven, follow by Earth and Hell.

Heavenly Deities should always be placed at the highest level and then follow by the other Earth Bound Deities and so on.

Hell Deities such as Dua-Di-Ya-Peh and other ghost kids such as Kumantongs , shall be placed  lower or at the far end of  the heavenly deities or create another altar just for them, such as by placing below the altar of heavenly deities or create another altar separate away from heavenly deities.

Inside many Chinese Temples in Philippines, not only Chinese Deities Statues are to be seen, even Christian Cross, the Statue of Jesus and also Mother Mary  are being worshiped in  the typical Chinese Style, by using the Joss Sticks.

In the homes of Hindus in Singapore and Malaysia, Taoist and Buddhist Deity Statues can also be found and worshiped together with  their Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

If You are multi-religion person and like to pray to deities of different religions, You may also create different altars to worship different deities base on the religions. Examples: 1 altar for Taoist Deities, 1 altar for Thai Buddhist Deities ,  1 altar for Tibetan Buddhism and 1 altar for Hindu Deities etc.

Below is example of Prayer Altar  of mix religions , which contains Taoist Talismans (Taoism), Buddhist Statues (Taoism and Buddhism) , Kumantong (Thai Animism) and Lup Yongs (Thai Animism) ...

Prayer Altar with Spiritual Items of different religions

Guan Yin Statue, a heavenly deity, is placed in the middle of the altar.

"Protection All In One" Talisman -

a) Make sure the Ba-Gua Symbol hanging on the wall is above the head of  Deity Statue located in front.

b) If the Deity Statue or Statues on the altar have not been consecrated ( empowered - 开光) by a Taoist Master, hanging the "Protection All In One" Talisman on the altar will automatically empower the whole altar with spiritual energy. The Talisman itself contains the power of 36 heavenly deities ( Guan Yin , Guan Di, Xuan Tian Shan Di, Monkey God ( Qi Tian Da Shen) , Ne-Zha Shan Tai Zi etc).

c) It can also be kept inside wallet or pouch and carry with You wherever You go. This method is best for sales people who are always on the move.

"Gods Of Wealth Of All Direction"  Talisman -

a) It can be framed up and hang on the altar or on the wall in the office, or shop, or in the main hall in the house. If the Wealth Talisman is already hang on the wall of the altar, simply seek 4D numbers by shaking the cup of numbers facing the talisman ,after lighting up incense sticks or aroma cones.

b) It can be wrapped around a cup of numbers (written on papers and rolled up) to seek Lottery Numbers.

c) It can be kept inside wallet or pouch and carry with You wherever You go.  This method is best for sales people who are always on the move.

Kumantong Statue ( In Oil Wrapped in Thick Plastic) -

a)  Take note that Kumantong Statue must be below or place lower than, or place beside the  heavenly deity.

b) Kumantong Statue Wrapped in Thick Plastic , can be put on altar permanently, or hide away from views by hiding inside cupboard or drawer, or keep inside bag, pouch and bring out wherever You go. 

Lup Yong Mini Oil Bottle and Kumantong Mini Oil Bottle -

a)  Lup Yong  are two spiritual kids in a mini oil bottle. Kumantong is one spiritual kid in a mini oil bottle.

b) Mini Oil Bottle Spiritual Kids only protect and help the immediate keeper. Kumantong Statue has huge power to protect and  help the people in the whole family, whole company, whole shop.
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