Irony of life - Stupid Low Class People Strike Lottery, Smart High Class People Work Hard For Money ?

15th Feb 2018 - Chinese New Year Eve, 8am

While I was waiting to collect my 4D 2nd Prize ($9000) at the Singapore Pools Main Branch at 210 Middle Road (people go there to collect money if win lottery above $5000 on a winning ticket) , there were 10 over people lining up together. They dressed like nobody and look like nobody.. T-shirt , short pants, sandals. They look like those typical aunties, uncles working in low class jobs and look like those who always go to Chinese Temples to pray for luck.

To high class people (or act high class people), sure will look down on them behind their back, thinking they are the good-for-nothings to the society.

Only one uncle dressed in long sleeve and long pant, came in his Silver Mercedes with his wife. This uncle look like those rich uneducated Towkays (Bosses) doing building-construction projects type, who will always frequent Chinese Temples. I predict his winning should be few hundred thousands dollars because I have seen many times the way uneducated rich Chinese towkays buy 4D. They buy 4D like example: 100 big 100 small.

Got one aunty in her 50s, wearing t-shirt & Jean, look like those aunties working in coffee-shops as cleaner, operators in factories. Her winning is... SGD$35,000.

Irony of the opposite

Earlier on, while on the journey to collect money... I saw many people wearing nice nice ( office wear), rushing to work. It is Chinese New Year Eve some more and these high class , look smart people are still rushing to work.

What am I trying to say? - Don't judge a book by its cover.

Don't think a person is poor if he / she looks like a Nobody. Don't think a person is rich if he / she dresses well. Usually, the opposite is true.

A lot of things in life, what you heard, learn from schools and society is BULLSHIT. Example: Job consultants telling You that You must wear nice nice for job interview and be an obedient dog, behave, listen to command and wiggle your tail.

Heavenly Grandpa blesses the stupid fools

While you think you very high class who never believe in gods and ghosts and prefer to work hard for money, don't forget... those " stupid, low class, uneducated" aunties and uncles, who frequent Chinese Temples to pray, who will readily believe in spiritual power or luck, are the ones laughing at themselves to the BANK.

There is a Hokkien / Teochew saying - Ti Gong Tia Gong Kia (天公疼憨仔)- Heavenly Grandpa protects / pities / shower love on the "stupid" fools. So.. I guess.. Being a "Stupid Fool" who believes in spiritual power and luck is a good thing.

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