How do I know the talisman works?

"How do I know the talisman works? How can I verify the talisman is genuine, or look genuine, but not empowered? Can i go to any of the temple to ask the Taoist to check if it is empowered?"

How do I know the talisman works?

If You have the slightest doubt, even on a genuine powerful talisman, it will not work for You. When there is no faith and trust over a Master, and over a Taoist talisman, just don't bother buying and carrying it. Never waste the master's time on creating and empowering a Talisman for You, and then having doubt about whether it is real or has any magical power.

1st, ask your heart whether You trust this particular Master. If Yes, then seek for his talismans. If no, don't waste Your time and money, and later suffer from emotional breakdown.

If You already make up Your mind to own a Talisman, then give Your 100% trust and faith in it, then the magical power will start to work.

Many a time, it is not that a Talisman is fake. It is You having the slightest doubt about it's magical power, that has offended the deities from the talisman, that caused them to lose interest in helping You to achieve Your dreams.

The deities will test Your faith

While You just own a Talisman, or any spiritual item...

Within 1 or 2 days, You are already desperate to see the effect of the magical power of the talisman, but yet the outcome hasn't show yet (Example: Unable To Strike 4D Lottery).  You start to have doubt over the talisman - "Is this fake? Why it hasn't work for me?!".  This is the period that the deities will test You on Your faith. It can be days, weeks, months or even years, depend on each individuals.

What You must do is to keep on praying until You reach the state that You have achieve total peace within Your soul, without the need  of demanding any outcome.  Only until You can achieve this state of not forcing any outcome, then  it will be the time You start to see positive results ( Example: Strike 4D Lottery). Once the talisman starts to work (Example: Strike The Lottery), it will keep on working forever (Example: Keep On Striking The Lottery Non-Stop) .

Wrong Thinking: Why is it not working! How come no power?! Should I continue Praying?

Correct Thinking: 
I will continue Praying no matter how long it takes, until the talisman works it's magic on me.

Remember this: You need the deities for help but the deities don't need You. The deities will be questioning You :"I have the power to help You, but why should we help You?".  All You need is Your unwavering faith.

You can pray in this manner: "No matter how it turns out, I leave it to You for Your guidance. I won't force the outcome. I will leave it to You to plan for the outcome for me, at your timing. Everything will be good for me in Your hands".

When You pay the fee to have a talisman created for You, You are paying the Master for his time, energy and expertise to have a talisman created for You and not the guarantee of the outcome and results. Once You own and keep a talisman, the magical power of it lies between You and the deities invoked from the talisman.

How can I verify the talisman is genuine, or look genuine, but not empowered?

It is very easy to spot the 100% fake talismans. When the characters of the talisman and Stamp Seal are machine-printed together onto the talisman, You will know this is confirm 100% fake.

When  You spot a talisman,which is hand written and stamp-sealed, 90% chance it is going to be genuine. Even if it is genuine, whether it will work for You or not, still depends on Your faith in it.  The deities invoked will test You on Your faith. Most of the time, it is the thought "Is this Talisman fake or real?" that stop the genuine talisman from showing it's magical effect on You.

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The writing on the talisman, is it fixed throughout? Example: For attraction talisman, the writing on it, will it be recognized by any Taoist?

In total, there are few thousands of different Taoist & Buddhist Talismans for the same purposes and usages, and to work on the same issues, or different issues,  Different Taoist Lineages / Sects have different sets of Talismans.

Some talismans are written in very clear-cut manner, by using Chinese Characters. These type of talismans are understandable for their applications.  Some other talismans are written with "Cloudy Codes" Writing, which no outsiders will able to see through.

Can I go to any of the temples to ask the Taoist to check on a Talisman whether it is empowered?

If You go to a Big Public Temple to verify a Talisman...
 You are unable to find any Taoist Masters to check on Your talisman. The modus operandi  of a Big Public Temple is to sell joss-sticks and joss papers to the public to let the folks pray in the temple and to collect donation from the public. Big Public Temple are producing massive printed version of faked talismans for Free to the public, so what do You think?

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If You go to a Taoist Master to verify a Talisman...
He will either honestly tell You the truth, or say  the talisman is a fake even if it is a genuine powerful one, because his intention is want You to buy his talismans.  He will tell You that his talismans are genuine and You should get his instead. After getting his talismans, You will face the same issue, which is wondering whether his talismans are genuine, and need to bring to another master for verification again. You will be running around going after one master after another, to buy from one and verify with another one.

If You go to a Taoist Spirit Medium (Tang-Ki) to verify a Talisman... 
The deity (during trance by a spirit medium) either has no interest to verify Your talisman, or the deity  will  honestly tell You the truth that talisman You are carrying is a  fake or genuine powerful one, but none is good. The deity and the helpers in the temple will encourage You only to carry the talismans created by them.

Conclusion: Only own and keep a talisman if You have 100% faith in it.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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