Taoism Has Black Magic? - What You Western folks don't know

"Some translation of your Taoist work in french is sometimes not very good and can make some people think bad things about Taoist masters or nun. I think it is very important to use the words which inspire respect about Taoist spirituality. In french the translation of words like: "sorcery" "black magic" "skills" "spells" are very negative meaning. Words like "talisman " "preacher " "secret magic" are really better to keep people that doesn't know very well Taoist culture have a good appreciation of the culture" - French Taoist Nun - Quan Zhen Sect.

"I learned Taoist practice with a Chinese Master in France. He transmitted me his magic medicine . You know more talisman that me i am sure. I don't feel better than you. I just want to communicate with you. The Word 'sorcery' in french mean 'magic practice to put devil action on someone'. I would like french people appreciate your work. If a french people need you for help its better to use another Word To make them understand the positive action of your magic work" - French Taoist Nun, Quan Zhen Sect.

What You Western folks learn about Taoism is the Taoist Philosophy. Most of You only know about Taoism by reading the "Tao De Jing" and that's all about it. Other Western folks, further advance their Taoist Philosophical Knowledge by learning under a Quan Zhen Master in their own country , or travel to China to learn in the Quan Zhen Temple. Nobody in the West, know or ever heard about Taoist Sorcery (or Chinese Black Magic).

Quan Zhen Taoist Sect focus on personal cultivation by concentrating on longevity and immortality through alchemy, harmonising oneself with the Tao, studying the Five Elements, and ideas on balance consistent with Yin and Yang theory, and also combine the teaching of Buddhism and Confucian ideas.

Taoist Sorcery, or Chinese Black Magic, has it's origin from Southern China. In ancient time, folks of Southern China were pure shamanic. It was later combined with Taoist influence, which became known as Taoist Sorcery.

2 good examples of Southern Taoist Sects are 闾山派(Lǘ Shan Sect/Lineage) and Southern Mao-Shan Sect(南传茅山派) and also the sub-sects of these 2 sects. Taoist Sorcery focus on performing rituals (spells / magic) and Talismans Magic , which can do good or evil, to gain the upper-hand, or seek revenge (for punishment) , and also Taoist Spirit Mediums.

When the Southern Chinese migrated all over South East Asia, they brought along the knowledge of Taoist Sorcery and Spirit Medium Practice, which are not thought to the Western Folks.
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