Why you don't strike the lottery yourself, instead of selling Talismans to others?

"I'm curious and wonder why you don't strike the lottery yourself , instead of selling talismans to others?"

The Website: http://kumantong-4d-power.blogspot.com  is the exact place that has been showing off the 4D Prediction Numbers given by Kumantongs and the actual Winning Results that shoot out.

Singapore Pools 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong is what the Blog Owner bet  on  for himself on every 4D Draw Days. He is a Man of Integrity, who buys the same exact 4D numbers given to the Kumantong 4D Followers. Not like other 4D Masters who vomit out a lists of 4D numbers to buy for Yourself and they don't buy any.

Kumantong 4D Power was started out as Free 4D Prediction to the public but later on   Cheapskates and Trouble Makers complain why never hit Direct Top 3 Prizes when they already Hit Ibet Top 3 Prizes. After hitting Direct TOP 3 Prizes, the Cheapskates and Trouble Makers keep quiet and act blur, and never send "Kopi Money" or at least say "Thank You". From that time onwards, anyone who wants to follow Kumantong 4D Power must pay a cheap monthly fee.


"Strike 1st Prize" Talisman and related Wealth Talisman being introduced, are cheaper alternatives to a Kumantong Statue for folks who can't afford the price to obtain  a  Super Powerful Kumantong Statue (personally trained by the Blog Owner of Kumantong 4D Power), but still want to gain the same superb high level of chances to Strike TOP 3 Prizes of 4D Lottery consistently.


Folks should be grateful that someone out there is helping them to gain the same superb high level of chances to Strike Lottery (4D/ Pick 4) from tapping into the same spiritual power. All they have to do is just to pay a 1 TIME FEE (Might consider very expensive to the Cheapos) to have a Win Lottery Talisman created for them.

Don't expect "free lunch" either. If You can't create it, just pay someone to create it. Stop Whining Start Winning. 

Most Followers of "Kumantong 4D Power" Method seek 4D Prediction Numbers by combining Kumantong Statue (personally trained by the Blog Owner of Kumantong 4D Power) and "Strike Lottery" Talisman to Strike 4D Lottery non-stop.
Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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